Winter style – Styles you should look out for in December

Winter style: Styles you should look out for in December

Winter is coming, and with it comes a whole slew of alluring styles that are sure to draw eyes when you walk down the streets. The latest fashion trends to look out for are loud and eye catching, and if you want to keep up, there’s a lot you need to know.

Thankfully, we’re up to date with everything that matters, so in this short guide, we’ll walk you through the latest styles that are due for the snowy months to come. A word of warning, these aren’t the usual suspects, so remember that you can always tone things back a notch for a more subtle fashion statement.

Animal Prints

These are finally rising to prominence yet again. It might seem overly old-school, but leopard prints are coming back, and they’re bringing along the rest of the jungle. Fashion shows have seen models wearing all forms of animal prints to surprisingly good effect. We’re talking zebra, cheetah, crocodile, python and pretty much the whole safari’s worth of prints.
Why limit yourself to realistic colours? There are psychedelic hues to suit even the most daring of fashionistas. Red leopard prints and animal print shoes are daring experiments that are well worthy of the applause.

70s Brown

With some reminiscing going on, it’s only natural to want to go back to the 70s with their brown shades and long coats. Brown has been the main focus of most designers, with dresses, winter coats, and to everyone’s surprise, milk chocolate suits. These are excellent investments that last you through the fall to the winter. Playing with tonal dressing at a basic level shows promise, and during winter, it’s perfectly viable to use scarves and hats to enhance the mono-coloured look.
Not a fan of going single-colour? Brown naturally works with white and black, and many models have been seen success adding in some contrast with black belts and white T-shirts. For the casual dresser, fashion is most certainly not out of reach.


Nothing is more important than keeping warm, and layering gets that done beautifully. While the excessive combinations of 20-odd outfits are certainly overboard, the take away is that multi-layered outfits are simple yet effective. Two is a perfect number for the rest of us, a coat on your outfit of choice works well enough, and a scarf completes the whole look.


Speaking of scarves, why limit yourself to those classic one-tone options that everyone wears? A trend that many are poking at are the scarf and blanket prints. Scarf prints are self-explanatory, and blankets are now being taken in different directions. The prior style of oversized ponchos has been flipped over, with specialized blankets with specific cutting delivering beautiful silhouettes.

Where to get these outfits?

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