man in casual wear walking on the street

Winter fashion: 4 winter style mistakes that you’ll want to avoid

With winter dawning in on us, the last thing you want is to get caught out with your choice of outfit and leave yourself open to the wintry weather. To help ease the transition from summer to autumn/winter, we’ve looked at some of the style mistakes you’ll be wanting to avoid.

Relying on your summer wardrobe

Irrespective of how sudden or gradual the weather might transition from summer warmth to brisk autumnal conditions, there are people who seem to struggle to adapt with it. This often leads to them wearing thinner materials which were great in the summer sun but provide little heat retention come the autumn and winter. It’s not only the temperature that people fail to adapt to, the added wet weather tends to also catch people off guard. You’ll often see some people power walking through wet streets in their loafers, no doubt trying to escape the discomfort that comes with having your feet soaked through.
Instead of doing this you should look to wear thicker fabrics such as wool, flannel and tweed, and ensure each item of clothing is winter appropriate. If it’s wet and you know you’ll be spending time walking around then choose footwear that’s better suited for it, such as a pair of leather oxfords or even Chelsea boots.

Not looking after weather damaged items

Winter weather can make it difficult when wearing fabrics that don’t cope too well with getting wet. Materials such as suede and leather are better kept dry, and while you can get away with wearing them occasionally in the winter, you won’t want to be wearing them day in and day out. In some cases you might just find yourself stuck in a sudden downpour or your garments might just take a beating from the day to day splashes that we all try to helplessly avoid. In these instances aftercare of your garments is crucial in ensuring they maintain their quality.

Overlooking the overcoat

A good quality wool overcoat is a must for winter. Don’t try to brave through those bitterly cold mornings in just your suit or even a thin coat. A quality overcoat can last for years so it’s certainly a worthwhile investment. One thing to note is that if you don’t have a huge range of coats and are likely to wear the same one for the majority of autumn/winter, then opt for a colour which will sit well with most of your looks. In many cases this will be a black or grey but is very much dependant on the rest of your wardrobe.

Wearing trousers too long/short

Having trousers that don’t sit just right is another thing you might just want to avoid. Trousers that puddle over your shoes won’t look great at any time of the year, but given how wet and muddy it can get, there’s a good chance they could get ruined before you’ve had a chance to have them tailored in winter. On the other hand you have the growing trend of leaving the ankles on show which has proven to be a popular look during the warmer months, however it probably isn’t suited as well to the colder weather. The bare skin will be susceptible to the cold winds, creating a draft which will no doubt have you regretting not throwing on a longer pair trousers and socks.

Final words

That should help to set you up to see out winter without making any regrettable style mistakes. Remember your fashion has to be adaptable to its environment to ensure you can keep putting together looks that are great on the eye and are also practical enough to ensure you stay comfortable.