Winter coats: What should you look out for when buying one

Winter coats: What should you look out for when buying one

When fall ends and winter comes, the most important thing is to keep yourself protected from the harsh winter cold. Winter coats are the best way to keep warm, and not just in snowy climates either. Winter coats, also called winter jackets, are made to handle the cold, wind, snow and rain. This is done with a layer of insulation, keeping your body separated from the undesirable cold.

Unsurprisingly, winter coats are a constant presence when it comes to winter’s fashion trends, being quite stylish in their own rights. Picking out the right winter coat for the job isn’t all about looks, it needs to work as a protective garment as well. If you’ve been after a new winter coat, have no fear. This guide will ensure that you get the right winter coat for the job.

The types

Winter coats have 3 main variants to choose from.

Casual jackets are focused on keeping you warm and stylish in a simple package. These are often slightly more heavy-weight, being less suited for strenuous activities. Yet with the extra burden comes a bonus in comfort and style. Features include smartphone pockets, removable hoods, and specific fits. For those casual walks, the casual winter coats are the way to go.

The technical winter jackets are designed to keep movement restrictions at a minimum, having a fit trim that allows athletics with free activity. These jackets also come with additional features for the outdoor adventurer, such as extra pockets, harnesses, and durability. Despite everything, technical jackets are still perfectly good for casual settings, and some prefer the reduced bulk. Try things out to see what works.

The features

There are a few aspects that make a winter jacket worth the asking price and knowing them well can help you identify a deal from a steal.

The insulating layer is the most important part of any winter coat. The material used affects how well and long-lasting the temperature protection is. The thicker the material, the warmer you will be. Popular materials include natural down, which is made using feathers and lasts a lifetime with good maintained; and synthetic polyesters that maintain their effectiveness under damp conditions with some slight sacrifices to longevity.

The outer shell of the winter coat keeps you dry from the rain, sleet and melting snow. Thanks to the waterproof material used, you won’t need to worry about keeping dry. However, this layer has no effect on temperature isolation. If you’re looking to do some stylish layering, an uninsulated outer shell opens up your option choices.

Finally, hoods are essential to keep your head warm throughout the day, and wool or fur is definitely the best choice. Removable hoods allow you to adapt as necessary and come highly recommended. Some even come with an optional face mask and fur, making it perfect for any occasion.

Getting the best

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