Winter coats: Materials to choose

Winter coats: Materials to choose

As we slowly move into the winter months, a winter coat should definitely be on your list. A good winter coat keeps you both warm and stylish at the same time, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable despite the cold weather all around you. There is nothing worse than purchasing the wrong winter coat, but if you’re in the market for the best, you’re in luck.

We previously covered the basics of finding the right winter coat, going through the types and features that matter the most, and we continue the guide here, with a focus on the fabrics and materials that form the basis of a good coat. A word of advice though, the materials are just one cog in the complex machine, so take into account the other aspects that matter.


Insulation is the entire reason to get a winter coat, and there are two main types to choose from. Weigh the pros and cons of each to make your choice.

We personally recommend the natural down as the best form of insulation. Down is made from feathers, and it is lightweight and compressible. Just remember that down does not suit wet climates, as dampness causes the feathers to clump together, disabling their insulation properties and loftiness. However, when taken care of, down coats can last a long time.

Synthetic insulation fibers are becoming more common as time goes by, and it is indeed a viable alternative. The major downside of synthetic fibres is the slightly higher weight when compared with down, yet it comes at a cheaper price and easily withstands any form of climate you throw at it. Just remember that wear and tear over the years will cause these polyester fibres to pack down and lose its warming capabilities.

Outer layers

The outer layer of the winter coat has two main uses, to keep your insulation dry, and to make you look stylish. The main types available include leather, fur, wool, cotton, and even synthetic polyester layers that see use in technical coats meant for sports use. Picking the right type comes down to personal preference, but if your area is prone to rainfall or sleet, opt for the fully waterproof variants.

Wool is our recommendation otherwise, being durable and stylish at the same time. Much like polyester, wool can be dyed to a multitude of colors to suit your tastes. Just remember that wool can’t last long under wetness. Cotton is an alternative that sacrifices warmth for rain resistance.

Of the latest fashion styles and trends, cashmere has been catching on. Like wool in some ways, cashmere comes from the fleece of the titular cashmere goat. The real selling points of cashmere are its warmth and softness, with a bonus of being even more lightweight. While it might come at a slightly higher price tag, it is well worth the investment.


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