Which suit for the occasion? The formal suit for the big meeting

Which suit for the occasion? – The formal suit for the big meeting

Your suit is your first chance to make a good impression. Before any greeting, before the handshake (remember them?), and before a word is spoken, the suit you choose for that big meeting is a chance to announce yourself to the room and convey authority. So, it’s vital you get it right.

If you rock up in an ill-fitting suit looking like the nerd out of a TV show, other attendees will switch off from you straight away and they’ll already be inclined to ignore what you say no matter how well you present it. But here’s the thing; you’ll pick up on their negative vibes, you’ll notice that in a room of power suits you look like the runt of the litter and your confidence will be shot to pieces. So, the likelihood is that whatever you had planned to say will come out wrong anyway. You’ll get tongue-tied, you’ll feel inferior and your performance will be inferior. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By choosing the right suit for the occasion ad wearing it well, you’ll command respect from the outset. So, which to choose?

Navy suit

The classic. Put it in a white dress shirt and red tie and you look the part immediately. Of course, the fit is important too and you should make sure the suit is tailored for the perfect fit. A decent pair of polished black shoes, smart hair, and a touch of confidence, and you’re good to go.

Gray suit

The gray suit is another staple of men’s suiting and is suitable for a big meeting but it won’t make you stand out in the same way that the navy suit will. If you opt for the gray suit, make it a darker gray as anything too light is likely to demonstrate that you’re a bit casual for the occasion. And keep the tie and any other accessories neutral colors so as not to look like a child in dress up.

Patterned suits

These are only for the bold. A pinstripe or checked suit screams confidence and shows people that you’re taking control of this meeting. But it only works if that is your personality and you do plan to dominate the day. If that’s you, then crack on with one of these legends of business attire. If not, you’re best to stick to the navy suit and red tie.

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