Which suit for the occasion? The first date.

Which suit for the occasion? – The first date

Suiting is about reading the occasion and choosing the appropriate outfit to match it. A custom-tailored tuxedo is a stunning piece of clothing but you wear it to a job interview and questions will be asked. So, if you’re heading out on a first date the first thing to consider is where you’re going as this will help determine what type of outfit you should wear. Here we look at a few typical examples of Bangkok dating venues and what sort of style to choose for each.

A drink in the bar

This is quite an informal setting and as such you don’t want to look over the top. But you do need to show that you’ve made an effort. You don’t want to stray too far from the classic jeans and a shirt style really, but it needs to look like an outfit for a date, not a Sunday morning stroll. Good quality, well-fitting jeans are essential and should be paired with a tailored shirt, ideally with a double cuff to dress it up a bit. Polished shoes, a dress watch, and a splash of confidence and you’re good to go.

A dinner date

For a dinner date, you’ll want to move more towards formal wear without actually straying into suit territory. Tailored pants and a dress shirt in a block color will suffice but you’ll need to choose your jacket carefully. A stylish bomber jacket that both contrasts and complements the pants and shirts will keep you on-trend while ensuring that you don’t turn up looking like you came straight from work.

A formal occasion

An unlikely first date scenario but it has been known. The key here is to wear what’s appropriate for the occasion without adding any personal touches. If it’s a black-tie event, stick to exactly that. For a slightly less formal occasion where you know, you’re expected to wear a suit, choose something relatively straightforward and uncomplicated but maybe jazz it up with a bit of color in the tie and pocket square.

Exactly what you choose to wear will be determined by the occasion, time of year, and expectations. But above all else, the key to first date attire is to look like you’ve made an effort. And that means attention to details such as color combinations (yes that includes socks), accessories, and ensuring that every item you wear looks pristine and fits perfectly.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression and at Louis Collections, in Bangkok, we want to help you make it a good one. If you’re in town and looking for inspiration come down and see us. Our expert tailors can talk through your plans and advise on the best style to go for. Or visit us online to check out our look book and place an order to be delivered anywhere in the world.