What to wear as a Groom

This article will focus on the groom’s attire, and what you should wear to ace a great grooms look. Getting married is an awesome feeling. Especially if you are absolutely sure about that your attire is perfectly suited for the big day of your life – your wedding. If you are already quite sure about what you’re going to wear, allow this article to serve as a check-list. For those of you who are grooms to be, but have no clue about the look to go for, let this article serve as inspiration for you.

So, what Should you wear on your wedding day to look your best?

Well, first of all, the good news are, that basically, you can wear whatever the hell you want, or what you and your partner desire. That being said, most grooms that don’t dress up very much for the wedding, regretted that decision later on when they look back at their wedding pictures and most of them always want to put the best foot forward. Now, that’s on a personal level but also sartorially.

Here are some traditional outfits and a few more casual options that gents have worn in the western hemisphere, so you find exactly the outfit that works for you.

The Formal Options

Morning Wear

So first, let’s start with the traditional options. A hundred years ago, you had the choice of a morning wear outfit, and an evening wear outfit. Both of them were tailcoats, which are long because the wife’s wedding dress had a train, and it was long – so the tailcoat matched that. Likewise, those long tailcoats were worn with tall top hats because it was all about proportion. A day wedding could take place anytime when the sun was out, and it was a very classic outfit that men wore in the 30s, the 40s, the 50s and even John F. Kennedy wore one on his wedding day.

Another famous morning coat wearer was Prince Charles, who had it for his first wedding and for his second one. In England, it’s very much the standard and even a rural wedding has a morning coat ensemble for the groom. Basically, it consists of a black or charcoal morning coat with a peak lapel or notched lapels. Then you have a black and white striped pair of trousers which are also called cashmere trousers, because there used to be some cashmere in them. Then you have a waistcoat which is either single-breasted or double-breasted, usually in a grey that’s slightly contrasting, or a buff color or you can go with other colours such as light blue depending on your choice and then you have a white shirt, traditionally, it had the detachable collar.

Today, it mostly has a soft turndown collar with double cuffs. You wear either a bow tie in a silver and black pattern, which is also called wedding tie or a regular neck tie. Traditionally, men would wear an ascot, which is hard to find these days because it’s not the ascot that you wear casually around your neck, it’s one that is tied with a pin and while it looks very formal, it definitely has a vintage look to it.

Pocket Square

You want to have a white pocket square added to your wedding attire. You can also choose to wear gloves, either in chamois yellow or in grey. Those are the most classic options you can find on the market. You want black oxford shoes, you can have balmoral boots in black, or you can opt for button boots or balmoral boots with an insert.


You could also choose to wear gloves to your wedding. We’d suggest that you wear them either in chamois yellow or in grey, as those are the most classic options.


Since it’s your wedding day, you definitely want a boutonniere flower that is not pinned onto your lapel, but instead tucked through the buttonhole of your lapel.

Evening Wear

White Tie Tailcoat

Now, if you have an evening wedding, or if you want to change during the day, you could choose to get a white tie tailcoat ensemble. It’s also a tailcoat, but it’s cut differently than a morning coat. It’s all black, but your pants have a double striped galon down the side. Add a a white stiff collared shirt with detachable collar, a Marcella waistcoat and then add a bow tie for an all white look. To add a little dash of color, usually, you either wear coloured socks, or a colourful boutonniere such as red or purple or pink, very classic choices that look great.


What’s a more traditional option? In the US today, it’s definitely the Tuxedo. Back in the days, Tuxedos were only worn at events after 6 PM, or after dark. Today, it all has become a little bit more relaxed, but originally, the proper daywear garment was basically a stroller suit. A stroller suit was the equivalent to the morning coat ensemble, just on a less formal level. It’s just like a black tie outfit.

So, if you want to stick to traditional rules, consider what time of the day your wedding begins. Let’s say it starts at 4 PM, and it’s inside and it’s dark anyways, then choose a Tuxedo! If the wedding starts at 11 AM, technically, a stroller suit would work better. A stroller suit is very similar to a morning coat. You simply swap out the morning coat for a black jacket with peak lapels, single-breasted, one-button or two buttons, or you can have a double-breasted as well. It’s definitely not the same as a tuxedo jacket because it does not have silk facings and it can be part of let’s say a charcoal suit. It definitely makes up for a very dapper ensemble.

Basically, you’ll want to choose a black bow tie, you a tuxedo that’s silk faced with shawl collar, and you don’t want anything that’s rented. You’ll want to opt for wool because that way, you will end up sweating less, you look better, and you feel more comfortable. It really shows in your wedding pictures.

What’s A Less Formal Option Compared To A Stroller Suit And A Tuxedo?

Regular Suit

Although most people consider a suit to be formal in terms of a wedding day and groom’s attire, it’s not formal. It’s a little more on the casual side. The big advantage of opting for a suit for your wedding day is that you can reuse it at the office, or for other events, so if you don’t have black tie events to attend to, besides your wedding, that may be a wiser investment. So if you opt for a suit, ideally, you should choose a dark suit either in navy or in charcoal.

So if you choose to wear a suit to your wedding, ideally, you should opt for a dark suit either in navy or in charcoal. Stay clear from black because black has more limited uses and charcoal is easier to combine with other items, but it’s almost as dark as black. Ideally, you’ll want a double-breasted suit with peak lapels because it’s more formal, or a single-breasted one, and if you want to be a little more formal, add a vest to it that matches the suit because that screams formality and it’s something that you can wear with a vest or without which gives you more outfit options down the line.

In addition, wear a white dress shirt with a traditional wedding tie. They are called that way because they were specifically made for wedding days and they are made of silver and black silk, woven in intricate patterns, but they’re very elegant and the light sparkles in them and they really look good in pictures.

Last, but not the least, as an important detail, you should opt for over the calf socks because having hairy calves on your wedding day never serves for a good look in wedding pictures, so get over the calf ones that stay up.

Blazer Combination

If a suit seems too formal to you, take it a notch down instead. Maybe wear a blazer combination, maybe pair it with chinos, but something that’s still dressier. In terms of formality, you don’t want to look too different from your designated other, so if she wears a long wedding dress, you don’t want to come with just a dress shirt and no jacket on. That would just look odd. At the same time, you have to be comfortable and she (or he) has to be too, so at the end of the day, it’s all up to you.  These are just suggestions or guidelines that help you look your best.

What about destination weddings or weddings in a warmer climate?

People oftentimes like to wear lighter coloured jackets, maybe with silk, or linen. They like to skip the tie or not even have shoes, and that’s something you personally have to decide, and it’s basically really up to you on what you think works and what does not work. It’s your big day.

Of course, always keep your surroundings in mind. If you’re in the mountains, you probably want to wear something more traditional such as a stroller suit or a tuxedo because otherwise, you’d be too cold.

Enjoy the wedding in Style! Good luck!