What to Consider Before Ordering Your Work Uniforms – Part 3

What to Consider Before Ordering Your Work Uniforms – Part 3

It’s been a long journey, but we’re nearing the end now. We’ve covered all the bases regarding uniforms, and you should have a decent enough idea about what you want, and how to get it. Regardless, in this last instalment, we’ll be covering a few details that you should bear in mind, and these will ensure that your ordered uniforms are perfect in every single way.

To start things off, we’ve said this before, but there are many interconnected aspects that make a uniform good, and if you’re after the best, everything matters. In this short guide, we will be covering the questions you should always ask when working with your tailors or suppliers of choice. It might not be surprising to hear that most of the unsatisfactory mistakes are caused by miscommunication, so take precautions as necessary.


This sounds obvious, but you’ll always want to bring this up as early as you can during discussions. While both parties will want the best, monetary needs always come first. Having this cleared up means the uniform makers know where to draw the line. During the planning phase, you’ll be clear on what you can get, and any alternatives that lie within your budget range. For instance, you may insist on having a logo on the shirt, but having it in color will up the costs. Out of professionality, any supplier will give you a set of alternatives, like embroidered logos or prints, that can help you save without sacrificing quality.

What you need

This again seems obvious, but you know your industry better than the uniform makers. With any luck, your supplier will have the right fabrics for any situation. Your job is to let them know what you need. We briefly covered this in our first part, but always consider what’s right for the job.

Office work demands neat dressing, while jobs involving a lot of movement such as maintenance and construction require attire suited to dealing with wear and tear. Being clear on things will make the whole process easier for both parties. Let your supplier know what the job entails, and leave the details such as material choice, durability, and style to them. This will let them know what to suggest, such as whether to go for the one-size-fits-all or made to measure uniforms.

How much to order?

The answer seems obvious, but before you put down your current employee count on the order form, consider this. Buying in bulk is always cheaper, so ordering more could help out, especially if you know the uniforms will be going through tough days in the near future. This also plays into the budgeting part, where having a good idea on where you stand can help the uniform makers give informed suggestions.

And of course, you might be in an industry involving high turnover rates for staff, meaning that reordering will happen quite often. Or perhaps you want to change designs often to suit the current season. All these play a role into determining what works best.


Ask questions. No seriously, clearing up any unclear parts will help you get the best bang for your buck. Interested in learning more, why not come to us? We are Louis Collections, the top tailor in Bangkok, and we make ordering uniforms an easy process. You can order from home, submit measurements, and we even focus on having a fast delivery process! All this comes at affordable pricing too, meaning you get the best without needing to break the bank. Have questions? Drop us a message on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!