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What to Consider Before Ordering Your Work Uniforms – Part 2

Previously, we’ve gone through the many parts that make a work uniform an excellent investment. As a quick recap, uniforms act great as a tool for identification, and also helps with good impressions from potential clients. Uniforms are also a great psychological enhancer, upping effectiveness and productivity among your employees throughout the work year. What’s not to like?

Well, considering you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’re convinced that getting a uniform is the way to go. So, having gone through the benefits, let’s walk you through the different considerations you’ll need to go through when ordering your work uniforms.


Remember how we talked about employee satisfaction being key? That means comfort should be your number one priority. This can be affected by many aspects, mainly the fabrics and the fit. Soft fabrics such as cotton are the best choice for indoor focused work, and harder fabrics such as blends will work best for work under the hot sun. Spare no expense in ensuring your employees feel good at all times. It even ends up saving you more in the long run, as the right fabrics mean that the uniforms will stand the test of time, surviving months, or even years or wash and wear.

In terms of the fit, avoid relying on preset sizes. No two people on the earth are the same. Instead, take things a step further. Offer your employees clothing tailored to fit their body size. How far this goes may depend on the situation. For more professional environments, you might want to consider getting specific measurements to keep up the great impressions. Otherwise, for more casual workplaces, take into consideration the differences between genders to ensure the best possible fit. Take these up with your chosen tailor to get more specific information.

Logo Position

We’ve previously talked about how having uniforms means you get free publicity, and that means you’ll need your company tagline somewhere on the uniform. Possible locations include the chest pocket, the back, or even on the front. Where you decide to put it really depends on you. You can even decide whether you want to have it in colors or simply embroidered in monochrome. These decisions should be based on your logo design. For better opinions, any professional tailoring company will definitely offer their experience and insight.

Adding on your logo to the uniforms can give a sophisticated edge to your company, giving the sense of organisation and cohesiveness. This enhances your company image, giving an overall look of neatness that will definitely wow clients. Also, brand promotion is an obvious perk. Having customers see your logo constantly will definitely make them remember it, and this isn’t just limited to within the company. During lunch breaks, or even on the commute back home, your employees will act as mobile ads. For the best effect, well designed stylish uniforms ensure that your employees won’t avoid wearing them.

agreement-black-businessFinal Words

And finally, if you’re convinced that uniforms are a good investment, why not come to us. We are Louis Collections, the best tailor in Bangkok, and we have years of experience in creating uniforms. We ensure that all uniforms are made to measure to get the best possible fit, while still being affordable. You can even order from home with an easy process. Just submit measurements to us and we’ll handle the rest. Our experience means that fast delivery is also guaranteed. So, what are you waiting for? Drop us a message for further enquiries.