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What to Consider Before Ordering Your Work Uniforms – Part 1

Since the early 1800s, uniforms have been commonplace as a part of society. Policemen, firefighters, and even the military utilise consistent attire for each different section of their workforce, which helped introduce ease of identification for both themselves, and the public. It’s no surprise that the corporate sector has found success in the same implementation for their employees. In this two part guide, we will walk you through all the necessary considerations for choosing the right work uniform for your company.


If you’ve climbed to the post of top manager in the company, and want to design the perfect attire for your employees, you might be wondering whether it is even necessary. After all, isn’t the suit and tie one of the best brands of professionalism? Well, there definitely are benefits to be found.

For one thing, uniforms are perfect if you’ve got multiple different departments in your company. Much like how military rank can be discerned from their badges, having different colored shirts for each department can be an asset to communication. You’ll even instil a sense of team spirit due to the equality through clothing.

Naturally, the ease of identification also helps your customers. Having a unified look and theme can really give the sense of teamwork, making a great first impression to anyone who walks in. This even applies to service and on-site personnel. The sense of trust can be a deal maker for clients who are particular about looks and sophistication. You also get to instill a sense of pride
in your employees, which will undoubtedly increase efficiency and productivity.

Saving the best for last, you also gain free publicity. Brand promotion is something key to a company’s success. Uniforms mean your company logo will be out there for all to see, even during their free break times where they are in their uniforms. This constant presence means you’ll consistently have your company name out there.

Where do I Get the Uniforms?handshake across business meeting table

When it comes to finding the right uniforms, the key lies in the design, which is never an easy task. We’ll discuss that in a future piece, but in its most basic form, you’ll need to have your company logo, a nice presentable color scheme, and an idea of how it looks like. All this means you’ll be racking up costs, and many companies opt for the four-size-fit-all mentality, using typical sizes for all their employees. While this might work for the collar T-Shirts, but when it comes to anything more professional, it falls short.

So, why settle for uniforms when you can just offer a one-time clothing allowance to your employees? Well, we have a solution. Come to us, we at Louis Collections, are experts in tailor made clothing, be it suits, dress shirts and anything in between. When it comes to uniforms, don’t skimp on the looks. We take measurements and have everything made to order, delivering
the perfect fit to everyone regardless of body size.

Sounds enticing? Feel free to drop us a message for further enquiries, or better yet, stop by our storefront at Bangkok. We can give you a quick tour of our facilities, showing you what we can do to help enrich your company culture. We even have talented designers who can help you make the hard choices too. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.