Which suit for the occasion? The wedding suit for grooms

What suit for what occasion; the groom’s wedding outfit

A traditional morning suit or a tuxedo is still ideal for a formal church wedding but these days there are so many more options open to couples when it comes to where, when, and how they make their big day perfect. With that in mind, you may want to look at alternative choices of groom suit to match the occasion. Here we look at some of those options and when to wear them.

Gray Groom Suits

Light grey suits are a good choice for spring and summer weddings. They’re particularly good as they absorb less heat than darker shades and are ideal if you’re after a slightly less formal look than tradition dictates. Medium and dark gray suits portray a more formal look and provide versatility. A darker gray suit will match with pretty much anything, so don’t be afraid to play about with color and accessories to make sure you don’t look like you’re on the way to the office. The dark color of a charcoal suit makes it ideal for a fall or winter wedding, or any late afternoon or early evening ceremony. Charcoal is a more formal color but it can be toned down with the right accessories so can be made a little informal.

Blue Groom Suits

Blue wedding suits are often the best choice for a colorful groom suit as they punch up the colors you pair them with and show your tie, pocket square, and shirt in their best light. Blue is contemporary and modern while striking the right balance between formal and informal. Lighter blues are slightly less formal but can be dressed up with the right accessories. A navy suit will tend to look more formal but again you need to be careful to steer it away from business attire so black and white accessories and a vest can serve you well for a formal look or, for a less formal wedding, go for brighter colors that you wouldn’t wear in the workplace.

Tan Groom Suits

Just like light gray and light blue suits, the tan suit is quite a casual outfit so works best for less formal daytime weddings in spring and summer such as beach or garden weddings.

Black Groom Suits

Wearing a black groom suit that is not a tuxedo is easy to get wrong. You’ll need to add a significant amount of color without looking tacky so, if you’re considering a black groom suit, it’s best to consider why you’ve chosen it ahead of charcoal or navy. If it must be black it might be better to just opt for a tuxedo as otherwise, you run the risk of looking a little out of place on the one day that you’re in the limelight.

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