What it means to be a gentleman

Being a true Gentleman – What does it really mean to be a gentleman today?

Gentleman, the term stems from the French word gentilhomme, a word describing those born into noble families at the time. Such a title could not be earned, and could only be yours by birthright. Such was the life of a gentleman in the past, where they simply inherited the riches and status, rather than through their actions.


As time passed, the term took a different form. The word ‘gentleman’ was no longer reserved for those born into nobility. Rather, one could now consider those who worked hard for their success, while still showing the values that deserve our respect. These include being hardworking, well-mannered and leadership, traits we look up to even to this day.

And moving into the 21st century, the term ‘gentleman’ has evolved yet again. Common examples of modern gentleman are seen in all forms of media; Ian Fleming’s James Bond, the football star David Beckham, Sir Michael Caine… The list is long, yet all of them embody what we expect from a ‘gentleman’. This no longer requires one to be born into a more fortunate family, instead we use gentleman as more of an adjective, describing how a man acts and handles himself.

What Makes a Gentleman

In the current era, there are clear traits we expect from a gentleman. It is only natural to expect a gentleman to be, well, gentle. Gentlemen are the epitome of mannerisms, and should always be respectful and polite. We always see gentlemen beholden to higher standards, and they are always considerate of others, never raising their voices in conversation while keeping calm in even the direst of situations.

Something that has remained true since the past is that gentlemen are seen to be noble and chivalrous, particularly to women. We expect gentlemen to put women first, being protective but not overly so, holding the door for her, but still letting her make the choice of what to eat; bringing her flowers, while still giving her the space and freedom she needs. It’s no wonder women find gentlemen so attractive.

Dressing Like a Gentleman


Speaking about looking good, a gentleman is the pinnacle of sophistication, dressing to match his standards in life. Then again, a gentleman does not aim to stand out from the crowd. They show a mastery of men’s fashion that allows them to carry the air of sophistication without being the main attraction. This expertise carries over regardless of the situation, be it formal dinner events or casual nights out. You can always expect a gentleman to look good.

The splitting image of the modern gentleman comprises a well sized suit and trousers of the perfect length, topped with a dark-colored jacket and a nice muted tie. No bright colors in sight, the important thing is to look good yet not striking, a gentleman lets everyone know that he is professional both in and out, while not needing the extra attention that comes with a mismanaged wardrobe.

Looking the Part

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