What is Cashmere and why is it so expensive

What is Cashmere and why is it so expensive

Cashmere has been around for a long time, yet it has only recently jumped into the spotlight. Commonly associated as a luxury fabric, cashmere is smooth, soft, and expensive. One might wonder why something that simply seems like a variant of wool has an increased premium over its fellow natural fabrics like cotton and wool. Well, allow us to enlighten you.

What is Cashmere?

The origin of cashmere is, well, cashmere goats. These are the only way to get these fibres, coming from the underlayer of fleece from these goats. Cashmere goats can be found at the northern hemisphere, and their fleece keeps them warm throughout the fall and winter.

You might have realised that we mentioned that cashmere comes from the underlayer of fleece, unlike wool. This is a major part of why it demands a higher price tag than its similar brethren. As the goats shed during the warmer months, cashmere can be obtained without harming the goat, as the undercoat is closer to the skin than the rest. Fibres can only be harvested once a year, meaning this is a limited resource.

To complicate matters further, not all of the undercoat can be used. After separating the luxurious cashmere from the rest of the fleece, you are left with around six ounces per goat, and processing means even less remain. Cashmere is expensive simply because it takes around four to five goats to make a single sweater.

Properties of cashmere

Cashmere being in the top tier of fashion style is no fluke. Cashmere is extremely soft thanks to the very fine diameter of the fibres, 14 to 18 microns thick in comparison to the 24 microns of wool. Warmth is a given, and some argue that cashmere gives even more insulation than wool, which is the popularity king, and rightfully so.

You know how straight fibre clothing sometimes itches? That’s because those fibres are straight, sticking out and prodding your skin softly, resulting in the itches. Cashmere, on the other hand, have a rare bumpy shape, which cause individual strands to cling together, resulting in less sticking out and poking.

Being the latest trend isn’t even the best part. Cashmere is very lightweight, even compared to polyester and cotton. The downsides of cashmere are really just the rarity and price. It’s not hard to see why it is such a sought-after material.
What you can make with cashmere

If you’re after the best, cashmere can be used for basically everything. From summer coats to winter scarves, cashmere can do it all, and do it well at that. If comfort is your game, there really is no better alternative. Those who can afford it also opt for cashmere blankets and home furnishing for the best in luxury.
Where to get the best

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