What fabric for what occasion?

The sheer number of options available when buying a suit can make the choice seem bewildering. The key is to know what type of suit you’re looking for, and this will be based on the occasion, season and how regularly you intend to wear it. Here we look at some of the popular materials to help you decide which is right for you.


Wool is an incredibly versatile fabric and one of the best choices for suits. Warm and breathable, it’s suitable for both mid-day heat and cooler evenings, it’s the perfect go-to suit for work, interviews and for general wear in spring and fall. It offers a classic look and will remain wrinkle-free for a long day at work or at a wedding. Wool is quite a bulky fabric so if you like a slim fit then it’s best avoided.


Cotton is a great choice for a more casual look and is perfect for keeping cool in the summer months but will still look great at any time of year. It’s lightweight and breathable so you’ll remain comfortable. For regular wear such as a work suit, choose heavier cotton which is more hardwearing. Cotton twill stretch is perfect for a slim fit. Suitable for work and formal occasions.


Linen is ideal for a casual look and for summer wear. As the lightest and most breathable suit fabric it’s the ideal choice for a summer garden party or beach wedding. But it wrinkles easily and is not really suitable for hardwearing. For a slightly more formal look choose darker colors but whilst a linen suit should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe, be wary of its limitations.


Silk is one of the more expensive options, but boy, don’t you know it. A properly tailored silk suit is a thing to behold and will make you stand out no matter what the occasion. It’s a breathable and incredibly comfortable fabric so you’ll feel great and look confident. Suitable all year round, it adds a touch of luxury to your suit collection and can be worn to work or for any formal occasion.


Ostentatious, showy and glamorous. It takes real confidence and showmanship to carry off a velvet suit, but if you’ve got it to flaunt it. And what better way to flaunt it at a glamorous party or event than by rocking a sumptuous, dazzling velvet suit? Not one for the office but a worthy addition to your wardrobe.


Luxurious and comfortable but tends to come with a slight shine to it. Not one for the workplace but for a cool comfortable look at a party or formal event this is a great choice. Many men prefer the cashmere and wool blend to the 100% cashmere suit as the cashmere provides warmth and softness while the wool gives the elasticity which allows freedom to move and helps maintain the shape and silhouette of the suit for longer.

When selecting the right fabric, it’s important to have a little knowledge of material details, and we hope we’ve given you an understanding of them here.

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