Trunk Show – Why we gladly travel to you

Trunk Show: Why we gladly travel to you

Going to a personal tailor seems like an amazing way to get a custom-made outfit done, and you might have found us here at Louis Collections to offer up the exact services you need. Yet, it seems like just a tad inconvenient, seeing as we’re based in Thailand. Surprisingly, it’s not that much of a hassle. Instead of coming to us, we come to you.

For us, distance is never an issue. We’ve got satisfied customers from across the globe, including countries such as the USA, Canada, Europe and Singapore. It’s simple enough to arrange for an appointment whenever and wherever works best for you. Each appointment is a simple affair. We have a short discussion, and we then take your measurements in an easy process. We always insist on taking your measurements personally, to ensure the final product has a perfect fit.

Trunk Shows

Tailoring trunk shows are the main way we reach out to potential customers no matter where they are. It pays off to know as much as possible about each product before making a purchase. In the case of garments like suits and dress shirts, the fabrics, stitching, linings and all the other details are what makes or breaks the clothes. The easiest way of ensuring quality would be to see them with your own eyes.
Our trunk shows are the perfect opportunity to do that. Trunk shows are the best way of meeting clients, as we’ll be carrying multiple samples and fabrics to show prospective customers. We also get the rare opportunity to communicate directly with customers. While it’s perfectly possible to have a discussion online, a face-to-face conversation is still the best way of clearing up any inquiries you might have.

Where you come in

It’s all well getting a chance to talk with us, but you might still have reservations about things. If you have specific designs in mind, or simply want a glimpse of what we can do, feel free to let us know via correspondence. We want you to get the best possible outfit, and anything we can do to add to that confidence is something we’d gladly provide.
During the trunk show, if you see something you like, simply let us know. We take your measurements directly and send you the finished product in a timely fashion. One of our major selling points are our promise of fast delivery and excellent quality.

When is the next trunk shows?

Our travelling tailor schedule shows us the upcoming trunk shows across the globe, so you know where to meet us. Just remember that you can always arrange a separate meeting with us if our schedules fail to align. The customer comes first after all.

Remember, you can also come to us!

We do have a physical storefront that you can come to at your convenience. We are Louis Collections, the best tailor in Bangkok, and it’s simple enough to get to us. Our keys to satisfied customers include providing exquisite quality and transparent processes, providing you with consistent updates that lead up to you receiving your perfect garments. Feel free to ask us anything, we’re always there to help.