The winter suit the perfect suit for the coldest of seasons

The winter suit; the perfect suit for the coldest of seasons

Winter is coming, and with it one might expect fashion to take a massive downturn, with winter coats and jackets being the main trend and style. For the gentlemen out there though, suits are the ideal way to go, and fortunately, there are winter suits specifically catered to those seeking to look suave and sophisticated, while also being able to combat the cold weather.
Interested? This short introduction will tell you all you need to know about winter suits, what to look for in an ideal suit, and most importantly, where to get the right winter suit for all your needs.

What are winter suits?

Let’s get something out of the way immediately, the suits you wear throughout the warmer seasons will not work in winter. There is no such thing as a suit that works regardless of season. Summer suits are designed to maximize breathability, ensuring that you don’t get a heatstroke under the searing sun by dissipating heat effectively. This same property makes it unusable in the cold. Winter suits should keep heat in.

Just as summer suits rely on the fabric choice to keep breathable, winter suits are no different. I fact, thanks to the different requirements, winter suits can easily maintain their shape and structure, meaning less creasing and wrinkling. Also, while the best summer suits can come in unlined variants, winter suits should be half-lined, or even fully-lined to keep the wearer warm. The extra bulk pays off by being good for heat regulation.

What to look for in winter suits

Fabrics are key for any suit, and winter suits are no different. Unlike summer, we won’t recommend going with cotton, linen, and definitely not seersuckers. Warmth is a priority here, and wool is a top tier choice for this. Wool is natural, and it fits you nicely while being able to keep its structure despite wear and tear. Also seeing use as a summer suit material, the winter suit demands a different finesse, being spun tightly for maximum warmth.

Of all the wool variants available, worsted wool is the best bang for buck option, being suited for temperature regulation in both warm and cold climates. Flannel and tweed are other excellent options, albeit bulkier. Tweed has the distinctive multi-color look thanks to the triple-thread-type, and the coarse feeling is something many find irreplaceable. Flannel was designed for the cold, and it has the bulk to show for it. Flannel is particularly proficient for casual situations but might not have the best look for formal situations.

Finally, the king of winter style is cashmere suits. These cost a pretty penny, but their softness and lightness come unrivalled. Cashmere suits have been making a comeback lately, and it’s a fashion trend worth jumping on. We’d recommend it wholeheartedly.

Colour-wise, you can easily go with the classic black and navy. However, the bleak white of winter does mean you can opt for some variation in hues. Black looks amazing, if somewhat stale after years of being at the top. Modern alternatives include dark hunter green, oxblood red and plum purple.

Where to get the best winter suits

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