The turtleneck suit: why is it so appealing?

The easy answer to that question is of course that the turtleneck is on trend. It’s modern, suave and sophisticated. One of the reasons that fashion is always changing is that designers keep on finding new ways of putting outfits together. And every now and then one comes along which is stylish and practical. Like the turtleneck suit.

Why is it stylish?

Man looks at his best in a good suit. It’s classy, authoritative and sexy. It’s also the classic look, which is why it hasn’t changed much in years. And then someone thought of replacing the shirt and tie with a turtleneck. And it worked because it sticks to the basic principles of men’s fashion. The turtleneck replaces the contrast which is traditionally achieved through the shirt and tie, so the tone is complete. But the tie adds more than just colour to a suit and the turtleneck pulls the outfit together in the same way that the tie traditionally has done. A patterned turtleneck will add texture to the suit too, but keep it understated. A cable knit will look classy, but paisley will never work. Or you can go for a plain black turtleneck which offers the same in regards to pulling the look together but also makes a stunning backdrop to gold jewellery.

Why is it practical?

Well, firstly it keeps you warm. Sounds obvious but for a winter wedding or fall night out that’s something worth considering. The turtleneck is also a versatile addition to your wardrobe. It looks great with a suit but goes just as well with a pair of jeans and pumps. And people probably won’t even notice it’s the same garment. Similarly, it gives a whole new look to a suit. So, if you’ve got a decent suit that you’ve had for years which is still in good condition but has maybe had one too many outings, a turtleneck could be just the thing to jazz it up and give it a new lease of life. And what’s more, turtlenecks are incredibly comfortable. They’re ideal if you want to look smart while traveling, and they won’t crease so you can step off the plane or out of the car and head straight out. But please remember to style your hair after putting it on.

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