The difference between bespoke suits and off-the-rack

A bespoke suit doesn’t come cheap. And neither should it. When you choose a bespoke tailored suit, you’re asking a master craftsman to create something unique and of exceptional quality. And you’re buying more than just a suit. You’re buying style. A style that simply cannot be achieved in an off-the-rack suit which has been mass-produced to basically fit men of a similar height and build.

Sow what are the benefits of a bespoke suit and how can you be sure that your custom-tailored suit will be worth the extra expense?

A perfect fit

Fit is the key to showing off your style and body in the most flattering way. A tailored jacket will enhance your silhouette. The shoulders will sit flat and the sleeves will be the perfect length with no gathering around the wrist area. And it will fit across your back and show off your shoulders. By contrast an off-the-rack suit jacket is unlikely to be the correct length in the arms so chances are you will either have the sleeves gathering and covering your cuff and any wrist jewelry you may be wearing or it will be too short and show too much shirt. An off-the-shelf jacket is usually based on just two measurements and even then, they are quite vague. The chest size is normally correct to within 2.5cm and the length of the jacket is either short, medium, or long. That’s why, although an off-the-shelf can look pretty good, it will never quite fit right everywhere.


Looking sharp means feeling confident. And the more confident you feel, the more authority you convey. So, a custom suit is more than just clothing. It’s a crucial part of your image that gives you an edge, professionally and socially. It oozes success and commands respect – further increasing your confidence. The confidence you get from your tailored suit just cannot be matched in an off-the-rack garment.

A choice of fabrics

Sure, you can choose the fabric and style when picking an off-the-rack suit. But you’re limited to the choices provided by manufacturers in a kind of ‘suit the masses’ compromise. It is in many ways a jack of all trades but master of none. And of course, there is a place for that kind of suit in a man’s wardrobe. But for true style, you’ll want to discuss your requirements with an expert and choose a fabric, color, and style that brings out the best in you and shows off the suit too. And this can only be achieved with a bespoke suit custom made to your size, shape, and individual requirements which allows you to add personality to your style.

At Louis Collections in Bangkok, we specialize in custom made fashion for men and our expert tailors are on hand to discuss any specific requirements or to suggest styles, fabrics, and colors that suit you. If you’re in Sukhumvit, feel free to pop in and see us. And if you’re abroad, don’t worry you can order online, give us your measurements, and have a custom-tailored suit delivered to you anywhere in the world.