The biggest revolution in men’s fashion – Part 3

There are a few more masculine garments than a leather jacket. It’s a piece that exudes attitude, style, and that rebellious streak that all men have somewhere inside them. It’s a testosterone-filled jacket that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Human beings have worn animal skin since way before recorded history, but when we talk about leather jackets today, we’re not talking hides and fur, we’re talking the height of cool.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets came to prominence in the early 1900s when they were worn by fighter pilots (most notably German) during the aerial battles of WWI. These were tough, rugged, heroic men. They were poster boys for younger generations and kids wanted to look like them. Sure, it was wartime and the chances were slim to nil but nonetheless the desire to look cool in leather was there. During WWII leather jackets were worn by bombing squadrons to keep them warm and the term ‘bomber jacket’ was coined. And the jackets were no less desirable for the new name.

In 1928 Irving Schott designed a motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson. It was a practical jacket designed to protect riders from the elements but, as with all things Harley related, it oozed style too.

These days there are so many different leather jackets to choose from and each one is versatile in its own right. A decent leather jacket isn’t cheap, but it’s long-lasting and timeless. Here we look at some of the classic designs and how to wear them.

Bomber Jacket

The absolute classic. Black, no-frills, just sophisticated and smart. It pairs with pretty much anything you want to wear it with and the day this one goes out of style you’ll need your thermals because it’ll be a very cold day in hell.

Biker jacket

The biker jacket is the descendant of that first Harley Davidson outfit. Often seen paired with jeans and an emblazoned t-shirt in for the heavy metal look, it’s equally at home with an Oxford shirt and a pair of jeans for a more contemporary look. Whatever you choose to wear with it tight-fitting as the jacket naturally hugs the body.

Flight jacket

Closer to the original bomber jacket than what we now call a bomber jacket, this jacket is bulky and has a lining for added warmth. Some modern variations forgo the lining but maintain the style making them more versatile as a fashion piece but less likely to keep you warm on a cold day. Equally stylish in brown or black, this jacket work well with business attire or as part of a more casual look.

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