Cuff styles at Louis Collections

Tailoring 101: Cuff styles

Cuffs are an important part of the anatomy of a shirt and go a long way to determining the outfit’s level of formality. There are many different styles and each has its place in men’s fashion. Here we look at 5 of the most popular styles and how they help define the look:

Barrel cuffs

The barrel cuff is the most common style and is regularly seen in business attire and on casual shirts. Barrel cuffs usually have two buttons spaced horizontally about 2cm apart. They garner no attention and are perfect for the workplace or general wear.

Double (French) cuffs

The double cuff is double the length of a normal cuff and is folded back on itself and then fastened using cufflinks. This adds a splash of formality to your outfit but is still versatile. It works for business attire, black tie events and can even be paired with jeans for a smart-casual look. When wearing double cuffs, it’s important that the outfit you’re wearing them with is smart too. No ripped jeans, and a custom-tailored suit is best as an off-the-rack one is likely to be overshadowed by the cuffs.

Single cuffs

The single cuff is similar to the barrel cuff but fastens with a cufflink in the same way as the double cuff. This is quite a rare shirt and is pretty much reserved for white tie events so is only really worn with wing collars. If you want a single cuff shirt it’s best to speak to a tailor as they are not generally available off-the-rack.

Convertible cuffs

Convertible cuffs fasten by either a link or button. These are versatile cuffs that allow you to use them differently according to the occasion or style. They are normally a double cuff but are also quite rare and typically found as an option only in custom clothing shops.

Cocktail cuffs

Think James Bond for this one. Also known as the turnback cuff, casino cuff, or James Bond cuff, this is extremely rare but is about as stylish as it gets. A double cuff folded back on itself with the cuff hems on a diagonal line. Popularised by Sean Connery in Dr. No, this should only be worn with a tailored suit and for an occasion that demands style but allows flexibility – such as a casino.

When worn with a suit, around 1.5cm of the cuff should be shown beyond the suit jacket. This adds a splash of color and helps to draw the suit together as the cuffs, collar, and body of the shirt become one. It also allows for wrist jewelry to be visible giving you the option to jazz things up a little. At Louis Collections in Sukhumvit, Bangkok we have a huge range of dress shirts for all occasions. If you’re in town, pop in and see us or visit our website to check out our look book for style guidance or to place an order.