Shorts-suits; a blessing or a curse?

Not so long ago, shorts with a suit would have been considered, at best, a flashback to school uniform and, at worst, just a huge fashion faux pas. But fashion is constantly evolving and these days it’s not uncommon to see men in shorts with a jacket and tie. But is this a blessing or a curse for men’s fashion? 

Well, if you like to keep up with the latest trend but feel a little self-conscious about such a statement then you may see it as a curse – after all, if you get it wrong it’s going to be tough to style this one out. If, on the other hand, you’re fed up of wearing full-length suits to summer events and are on the lookout for something that combines comfort with style, then a shorts-suit might be a trend you’ve been waiting for.

Here we look at the pros and cons of the shorts-suit to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

Body shape

Some fashions suit a certain body type, and this is one of them. In the same way that you’d expect taller, slender women to be more likely to go for tight-fitting dresses to show off their curves, the shots-suit favours the tall slim male. That’s not to say that shorter or stockier men shouldn’t necessarily wear a shorts-suit, but they should consult their tailor to for advice the right look.

Where to wear a shorts-suit

The shorts-suit is a semi-formal addition to men’s fashion and won’t be suitable for every occasion. For example, you’re unlikely to be able to wear it to work. When it comes to other formal occasions, it may be appropriate for a garden or beach wedding but won’t be allowed in a church. But for informal gatherings such as a barbecue or party, it can strike just the right balance between smart and casual with a touch of modern panache. It’s also a great look for a lads’ day out at the races or other sporting events.

How long should the shorts be?

Get this wrong and the whole look is ruined. Shorts should be skinny; this is not a look that will ever work if it’s baggy. So, make sure they fit well. Too short and you’re likely to look like you just forgot to put your trousers on, too long and you’ll look unbalanced. The hem of your shorts should sit just above your knee cap. This is crucial, so if they need adjusting, make sure you visit a tailor.

What type of jacket?

This is another crucial aspect of the outfit. The jacket must be slim-fit. A baggy or bulky jacket will make you top-heavy and your legs will end up looking far too thin. The shorts-suit encourages experimentation so you can play about with colours, patterns, and accessories. The most important thing is that the jacket fits properly so, once again, make sure it’s properly adjusted.

What shoes to wear with a shorts-suit?

Loafers or boat shoes will probably look best. This is an informal look so any colour will do so long as they match the outfit. For a less formal look you can wear pumps, but mules or flip-flops are no-no. And please, no socks!

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