Shirt Styles: Which Shirt to choose to withstand the heat

Shirt Styles: Which Shirt to choose to withstand the heat

Keeping cool in summer is about more than just comfort. Whether you’re working, at an event, or just out for the day, nobody wants to be walking around with great big sweat patches. It’s no good for self-confidence and it doesn’t exactly make people want to approach you. So, it’s important you choose your summer shirting wisely. Here, we look at 5 top tips for getting it right in a heatwave.

Lightweight fabrics

Linen and cotton are both made from natural fibers and are lightweight. When buying a shirt, pick it up if you can, to feel the weight of it. And hold it up to the light. A fabric that you can see through is a good sign of it being lightweight. 100% lightweight wool is a good choice too. Recent innovations have led to some great lightweight synthetic fabrics for sportswear, but don’t be tempted to buy a shirt made from them. Think natural but avoid silk which is light but not breathable.

Breathable fabrics

Natural fibers will soak up moisture from the skin and allow it to evaporate. Lightweight synthetic fabrics will also soak it up but will retain the moisture and cause unpleasant smells. This is because synthetic materials cannot breathe. Again, cotton and linen tick the boxes here.

Lighter colors

Lighter colors tend to reflect the heat, whereas darker colors absorb it so lighter colors will naturally keep you cooler. But more than that, if you do sweat, it will be less noticeable on lighter colored fabrics. Plus, you’ll find that lighter colors are more associated with summer fashion so there will be more choice of garments, and they’ll be easier to mix and match if you stick to lighter shades.

Clothing construction

In fall and spring, we recommend layering to keep you warm. In the heat of summer, the opposite is true. You don’t want clothes that are lined as it’s an unnecessary extra layer. What’s more, most blazers or jackets are lined with synthetic materials, satin or silk, all of which don’t breathe well and will negate the benefits of a cotton or linen outer. For summer clothes you don’t need the rigidity and support of linings anyway. You want clothes that flow and allow air to circulate to help keep you cool. And once again, it’s our old friends, linen, and cotton that lead the way in shirting fabrics that do just that.

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