Shirt materials to look out for this Summer

Shirt materials to look out for this Summer

We, at Louis Collections, know the importance of staying up to date with the dynamics of fashion. While the weather gets hot, so should you, but not temperature-wise! We get it, you want to look fashionable and still be comfortable this season and we know exactly how you can achieve that. Are you still wondering what you should be shopping for in regard to your Summer-wardrobe? Let’s take a look at some shirt materials to consider!

Nylon and Polyester

You never know what you might come across this Summer. Perhaps, you will be touring a new city or country and come across a beach or waterpark. Don’t let what you are wearing keep you from having fun! Nylon and Polyester are both materials that are versatile. You can get these materials wet without having to worry about being uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Shirts made with this material can get wet and dry within minutes and even quicker in the sun. Although we don’t tailor garments with such materials, it still made it to our list for all your non-tailored clothing.

Most sporting shirts and activewear nowadays are made with either Nylon or Polyester for exactly the reasons we mentioned! Take Adidas or Nike for example, two large companies that both use this material more than you can imagine. We recommend these materials for your everyday use of regular shirts bought in the retail-stores this Summer to help you stay stylish and comfortable during the warm enjoyable season.


Silk is a material that can be found in nearly every house. While it is more commonly a material used to create underwear and scarves, it serves other purposes too. Silk shirts, for instance, are luxuriously soft and comfortable. One of the reasons we think silk shirts should be your go-to shirts is that even if you have to shed a layer and put your shirt in your bag, the material is so lightweight that you won’t notice it! Moreover, silk also allows you to stand out from the crowd while staying cool all day long.


This one is definitely a fashionable choice for this Summer. We get it, you might not wear your dress shirt to the beach, however, for casual walking and even just staying at home, cotton shirts are ideal. It is a very breathable material which is certainly a big factor when considering the best shirts for you this Summer. To avoid sweating, breathable clothing is a must. Not only will cotton keep you cool, but it will also make heads turn when you walk. Cotton is most commonly used to make suits and dress pants, however, there are casual shirts and t-shirts made of cotton too.

Here, at Louis Collections in Bangkok, our team is always on the lookout for changes in men’s fashion. We hope that our short pointers will help you decide what to choose when shopping for some new shirts to take on the hot weather lingering outside. 

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