Prepare for Autumn in Style

Autumn weather is unpredictable and it’s easy to get caught out in the wrong gear or, even worse, looking like you’ve made no effort to look good. But as with all style choices, fall fashion just requires a bit of thought and some preparation.

Bulk up your own look

The weather may be changing but that doesn’t mean your whole style has to change too. When the cooler temperatures hit you can often just opt for heavyweight versions of your signature garments. Flannel long-sleeved shirts instead of short-sleeved cotton ones, twill pants instead of chinos and heavier denim allow you to adapt to the elements whilst sticking to your own look.

Layer up

One way to outsmart the elements is to have multiple layers that come on or off as the weather changes.  The trick is to make sure you’re consistent with your color combinations so that everything goes with everything else, and that every item that might end up as your outer layer looks like it should be one. Denim shirts, sports jackets, and cardigans made of breathable fabrics are your friends here.

Invest in an overshirt

Versatile and dependable. A good quality overshirt can be used as a shirt or a jacket depending on the temperature. Wear it over a t-shirt on warmer days when a coat or jacket would be one layer too many and under a jacket for an extra layer of warmth when it gets colder.

Think weatherproof outer layer

You’re guaranteed rainfall so makes sure you have a waterproof outer layer as an option. Gore-Tex fabrics and taped seams are the way forward but beware – leave it too late and you might end up with something practical that lands way wide of fashion. Weatherproof jackets have enjoyed something of a style upgrade in recent years but there is no way of hiding a poorly chosen outer layer. This cannot be a last-minute buy.

Tone down the hues

Don’t go all out brown and beige. Style requires color and contrast so stick to the usual rules. But do make your color choices seasonal. Fall colors such as burnt orange, mustard, bottle green, and burgundy should be combined with earthy browns and tans.

Get a decent pair of boots

Good quality work boots are practical. Good quality Chelsea boots are fashionable. Have a choice of colors and make sure the boots complement your other clothing. And protect them from the elements with footwear protector. They’ll be taking the brunt of the weather and you want them to stay looking great. And fall is definitely the right time for canvas suede footwear to go into hibernation.

Sitting between the summer vacation and party season, it’s easy to see Autumn as drab and gray. So, lighten it up with good fashion choices that are practical and keep you looking great all year round.

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