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Planning the perfect wedding date – everything that you need to consider

Love is in the air. It’s Summer and along with it, countless of hopeless romantics, hatching and preparing their perfect proposal plan. Isn’t that right? Are you?

For those Gentlemen among you, who are planning to pop the big question this year, we’ve looked at a few tips for you to consider, once you’ve asked the question of them all – as you plan the date for probably the biggest day of your life.

Why would the weather be the first thing to mention? There’s an easy answer to that. The weather is very much so a factor that can either set or ruin the mood, depending on what your plans are. While it looks all romantic in movies with a wedding in rain, the real world is less forgiving. Imagine your bride having soaked hair, and ruined make-up. A drenched wedding dress and brides-maids looking like cats left out in the rain. Now imagine the look on your newly wed wife, or wife to be, imagine the bad mood she’ll be having. No, you can’t affect the wedding. This is not your fault, but in the end, it will be. Plan wisely. That goes especially if you’re hoping for an outdoor photo-shoot after the ceremony.
The weather can either ruin the occasion, or it can set the perfect mood for a romantic wedding. Imagine a snow coated setting for example, or a beach wedding. Now we’re talking, right? But with rain, these plans will literally fall in the water. No matter where you choose the wedding to take place – with good weather you are sure to melt your partners heart!

Take the weather forecast into consideration when planning your wedding. Better be safe than sorry. Although it may not give a 100% guarantee – it will still leave you somewhat prepared.

Now, if you’ve been given the job of choosing the right venue for the wedding, think about how the location itself can make the wedding day a bit more special on the part of your other half. Now think, be focused. Did she ever tell you about a particular place where she’d be dreaming to get married? She sure must have mentioned something, right? Is there a dream setting she had in mind? There’s no harm in going the extra mile with this. It will pay off later, believe us.

The choice is yours, since you’ve been given the task, but looking to find the right place, that holds a degree of significance to your respective other half to be, will help you to display the amount of thought that went into your careful planning and will definitely complete the day. We told you, it will pay of, so choose wisely.

Now, here’s our speciality where we can really be of help. You’ll want to look your very best on your wedding day, and there aren’t any other ways than opting for a bespoke suit. A Tuxedo you say? That would be an option too, but unless you’re heading for traditional costumes, opt for a bespoke suit. Don’t leave this task to late, since making a custom-tailored suit usually takes around 1-2 weeks plus delivery. It’s not that much of a waiting time, but you should make sure to get this crossed off your extensive list as early as possible, so you can focus on other things – things that will make your wife happy. Also, it leaves you with enough time to get other parts of your outfit sorted – that includes shoes, tie, pocket square, cufflinks – and any other accessories.

Don’t leave these tasks out until last minute – you don’t want to turn up to your wedding in an ill-fitted suit and cheap or poorly matching accessories, do you? This is your big day after all.

The beauty of a bespoke suit is that you can add personal touches to please your other half. Whether it be the lining to match a colour in their outfit, or having the date embroidered into the suit. Additionally, as it’s made specifically to fit your figure, it’ll flatter your body more so than any readymade suit, which in turn will help to instil that extra bit of confidence when you reach the altar.

After the big day and all the stress you both been through, it is time to head on your way on honeymoon. It is advisable that you’ve planned this part well in time. Again, make sure to check the weather at the location you’re planning to travel to, check locations around the time you’re looking to go – unless you perhaps would like to arrive for your holiday getaway and immediately become a storm-chaser.

Additionally, your honeymoon is likely to fall during peak holiday seasons then be sure to check the availability beforehand and book it as early as possible.

So there are a few factors that’ll dictate your wedding date and have you set to start the new chapter of your life in style. If you have any more wedding preparation tips then we’d love to hear them – get in touch with us via our social media pages.

With these pointers in mind you’ll be sure to head for a perfect organised wedding.

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