Office wear in Winter – Tips for gents and ladies to stay warm and stylish

Dressing appropriately for work during winter can be a challenging task to achieve. You probably don’t want to be spending even more time preparing for your workday, and moreover not during the winter season. Keeping warm can be so simple, without you spending more time than need be. Here are a few ways to better prepare for the winter season.

Wear a warm overcoat for mornings

The absolute worst part of a typically chilly winter day is probably the part where you need to drag yourself to work – the morning. To prevent a too cold experience, try a quality overcoat for size. Many people are choosing a thin overcoat or trench coat, but why not rather invest in a wool coat that definitely will do the job of keeping you warm? Wool coats make for ideal day to day office wear, as they’re most often capable of withstanding the wear and tear they’re likely to face while keeping you warm. If you however are looking for a tad more, consider a  coat made of cashmere instead. Cashmere provides a distinctly softer finish and has an impressive knack for retaining warmth, however it may not fare as well and provide the longevity of a wool coat if worn on a daily basis.

Add a smart sweater to the look

Next on our list is the sweater, a part that is hardly overlooked in the commute to work. Everyone wears them, well, at least those who want to stay warm. The beauty of sweaters is that there’s a wide variety to choose from, meaning you can easily find one that suits your style and is also appropriate for your office environment.
For instance, if your dress code at work is a little more to the relaxed side, then you can team up a crew neck sweater with a shirt. If you are one who has to wear neckties for work, then consider wearing a V-neck sweater instead. It can provide you a touch of class, if teamed up with a V-neck. Stylish and warm.

Wear appropriate suit and shirt materials

Although many don’t consider this, when it comes to shirts and suits, there’s an abundance in choices when it comes to materials. While it may not be apparent by simply touching them, each one of them comes with its own unique properties. For instance take wool, tweed and flannel that are all known to be thicker and better at preventing a chilly breeze seeping through your suit. You can also choose the newer kind of materials that are water repellent, making it ideal to tackle those wintry showers you’re likely to meet during the winter. The fact that it still maintains the look and feel of a quality dress shirt means for you, that it can worn as every day work wear or even for those important meetings and presentations.

Opt for a double breasted suit

During the colder months of the year, the double breasted suit can make for a great choice. The fact that the opening overlaps considerably helps to add an extra layer of fabric between you and the cold. Whilst this likely won’t keep you warm alone, it will definitely be a factor that weighs in, helping to play a small part and can also makes for a fantastic addition to a smart look.

Wear the right footwear

This one goes out for both gents and ladies alike. As hard as it might be to part with your loafers for a few months, it’s important that you wear the right footwear for practicality purposes, and along with preserving your much loved summer footwear. You don’t want to wear delicate fabrics such as suede, which can get ruined by the rain or scuffed by other commuters and their muddy shoes. Stick to more primarily leather shoes, as these can prove to be long lasting and are easier to maintain. For instance, if you find your leather shoes getting drained, simply fill them with newspaper to soak up the moisture and they’ll become dry again in no time. You can then replace the newspaper with cedar shoe trees to help them retain their shape while they dry out.

End note

These factors and guidelines, or reminders, should serve you well for your choice in what to wear for your winter wardrobe. Remember that additional layers can always be removed or added, so wearing an overcoat and sweater can easily make the perfect combination to battle the cold mornings and can be removed if you find the office is too hot during the day. Just make sure your shirt is well ironed beforehand!