No tie? How to wear a suit without a tie

It’s important to remember that the tie is not just an add-on. It completes the suit, pulls it all together and complements the look. But increasingly it’s becoming popular to wear a suit without the tie. This modern fashion trend is a break with the traditional dress codes and, as with all innovations, it only works if you know what you’re doing. Simply removing the tie and expecting to look stylish is a big mistake.

Own the look

To make this look work, you must own it. That means making sure going without a tie is a deliberate style choice and not an oversight. First and foremost, therefore, you need a suit that fits properly. By omitting the item that completes a conventional suit you run the risk of any flaws in the suit itself being made more obvious. So, if you’re ditching the tie, a tailor-made suit is a must.

Pick the right suit…

The style of suit is crucial to the look too. A formal or double-breasted suit is going to look all wrong. This is likely to be the same for a dark suit that would be suitable for a formal occasion or for work. Not wearing a tie may just make you look like you forgot or couldn’t be bothered. A light coloured, casual suit will suit the tieless look much better. And as a suit without a tie is most appropriate in warmer months and outdoor events, a lighter coloured suit will normally suit the occasion better anyway.

…and the right shirt

Likewise, think about what you’re wearing with it. By leaving off the tie your shirt will be more exposed so, like the suit, it will need to be spot on. A formal shirt will look out of place, so you’ll need a casual shirt. You might even want to wear patterned shirt that you wouldn’t normally dream of wearing with a suit, just to accentuate the informal look and add the colour that you have forgone by abandoning the tie. An informal shirt will also have a collar which is more suited to the tie-free look. A collar that stands up will look best as it will add a neatness to the look without being overly formal.
The collar is even more important when you consider that the tieless look demands an open collar. You should undo your top two buttons, so a wide collar is going to flop around and look disheveled. The undone buttons expose your chest slightly which adds to the informal look and creates a V-neck which brings a centrality and completeness to the look like that offered by a tie as part of a formal suit.


You’ll need to accessorise too. A stylish watch, jewelry, maybe even your tattoo will add visual interest that the tie would normally bring to the party. You might also want to consider styling your hair in a ruffled style that you wouldn’t have for a formal occasion. And you’ll need to make sure that your shoes are spotless, and polished if necessary.
At Louis Collections we have suits for every occasion, and our style guide will help you make stylish choices no matter what the occasion and whether you go for tie or no-tie.