New year, new style, new you

Happy new year everyone!

2019 is going to be a great year for fashion, the current trends seem to look promising and a new year is a great opportunity for yourself to reinvent yourself! New year’s resolutions are a good way to change something in your life, so how about a new style for you? There are many trends on the rise and in this article, we take a look at what is to come and what is definitely gone.

2019 is the year of the floral pattern

Let’s begin with something more casual and light, the floral pattern. Yes, we know, flowers aren’t really manly, or are they? Floral patterns are actually highly fashionable this year and see a huge resurgence in men’s fashion. While they have been popular in Asia since forever, the western world was not so fond of them, until recently that is. The floral pattern can now be spotted everywhere. It gives your dress shirt that new and fresh outlook and can even be used for several different outfit-combinations.

When it comes to suits, think light colors

Casual suits show the trend of lighter colors and shades. Think light blue, beige and even peach as common suit colors for your next casual attire, and as mentioned earlier, they go really well with floral.
Slim-fit suits stay strong during the season and don’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon.
Something that definitely rose in popularity in the past months is a style called Spezzato, which takes parts from different suits and mixes them together, creating distinct and unique outfits. Anything goes and the results can look nice and astonishing.

Trends on office-wear

Office wear is still strong in its roots. Charcoal-grey and Navy blue are still the top picks for business-professional and are as popular as ever, if not even more.

Due to recent trends in men’s fashion, the suit is being worn more and more even outside of the office environment. You can spot office attires worn in casual styles more and more often and to be honest, we love it. It takes something that has established itself and makes it look good in other situations, too!

The formal attire in 2019

Here, nothing has changed, really. Formal is still formal and follows the same rules as before. However, slim-fit tuxedos seem to have become a thing and can be seen at many formal events.

2019 is going to be a great year in fashion, no doubt about that!

We are curious to see how style and fashion will evolve during the year, which trends are to come and those that definitely become a no-go!