Mix and Match; getting your fall shoes and coat combo right

Mix and Match; getting your fall shoes and coat combo right

Whatever the rest of your outfit comprises, the two things that are obvious in your fall outfit are your shoes and coat. So nailing the color combination is crucial if you don’t want to look like the dad at a school disco. One option is to go with the classics; black shoes with a black coat, brown shoes with a brown coat, and so on. Now, there’s nothing with those timeless combinations. That’s why they’re still popular. But sometimes you want to mix things up a bit.

Black shoes

It goes without saying that black shoes are the staple and will go with any color coat. From the common black and navy coats to tan overcoats and even bright colored outerwear, you really can’t go wrong with black shoes. What you must do is polish them. Scuffed shoes are the equivalent of a dirty jacket – and they’re more likely to let water in when it rains.

Brown shoes

We’re talking brown as opposed to tan here and again they will match with the boldest colors. Brown shoes can be a risky addition to a patterned coat unless there is a hint of brown somewhere in the pattern to draw everything together. And dark brown shoes or boots with a black jacket is a no-no.

Tan shoes

Tan shoes pair perfectly with autumn colors and neutral shades. They’re less formal than black and more suitable away from the office but can be used to dress down your business coat giving it another dimension.

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