Ladiess Measuring Guide



Just because you can’t get us in person, we don’t think you should miss out on the chance to own a custom made garment. So, we’ve produced a series of videos to show you exactly how to take your own measurements. We suggest you get a friend or family member to help you as some measurements will be difficult to get right on your own. Below the videos is a form for you to fill out and submit your measurements directly to us. We’ll then keep them on file for future orders too. If you have any questions or doubts about anything to do with measuring or any other aspect of online ordering, get in touch and we’ll be only too pleased to assist you.

Our tailors know a thing or two about measurements which is why we can guarantee a perfect fit. So, if there are any measurements they think don’t look quite right, they’ll be in touch to confirm.


Please enter your measurements below and submit them to us.
Bust Height
Bust Width
Jacket Length
Front Length
Lower Waist
Back Half Length
Pants Length
Skirt Hip
Skirt Waist
Skirt Length

Please submit your measurements in centimeters (cm):