Measurements Why it is so important

Measurements: Why it is so important that you take correct measurements

For the uninitiated in terms of tailoring, the entire point of getting a dedicated professional tailor is to get the best possible piece of clothing for your money. The perfect fit is elusive, being practically unobtainable from store-bought options, as those are designed to fit most people, and as you might have guessed, not every person falls into the classification of a single size number.

For any purchase at a tailoring service, a measuring session is sure to be in the cards. When you walk into a tailor’s store front, a style guide walks you through the available (and suitable) options available for your current purpose, and once you’ve made your choice, you’ll begin the most important part of your tailoring experience, the measurements.
You might be asking, why exactly are measurements that important?


Getting your own measurements is easy enough, and most tailors are happy enough to provide you with the necessary guidelines to measure yourself. However, we’d still recommend getting professional help in this department. While taking your own measurements, slight mistakes tend to accumulate. A slight movement or muscle flex can affect the final product, and the worst feeling is getting a final product that is inaccurate or unusable.


Accuracy isn’t the only thing that’s key here. Professional tailors also take into account your less desirable aspects when measuring. A slight bit of flab o the tummy is not the end of the world, and with those things noted down, the end product will accommodate and flatter you in the best way possible.

Prevent deviations

No matter what you’re getting, even the slightest mismeasurement can make all the difference. Dress shirts demand a perfect sleeve length, and dresses need the right length to bring out the best of the wearer. Style is only a single part of the entire moving machine that is your outfit.

Also consider that a large sized man wearing a smaller shirt can feel restricted, as larger movements might cause wear and tear. Similar thigs can be said just about every possible outfit. Also, the wrong size can end up causing you certain problems in the future, including, but not just limited to, back pains and abdominal pain.

Getting your money’s worth

You’re already spending time and money to get the best from a dedicated tailor, so why skimp on the process. You’re looking for the best, and so does your tailor of choice. The more information available, the better your final outfit will be. The accurate measurements also allow the tailor to use just the right amount of material, ensuring no excess wastage appears.

Who to look for

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