Materials What materials are good to keep you warm in Fall

Materials: What materials are good to keep you warm in Fall

As the grueling summer comes to a close, autumn arrives, and with that, we get a close to 180 degree turn of weather. Unlike the hot sun characteristic to the summer months, autumn is well known for its winds and rain. This entails a change of wardrobe, and a somewhat large change at that.

Last time, we’ve gone through the possible combinations that keep you warm and stylish at the same time, and now, we’ll be going through the best options for materials that best suit the autumn climate. Remember, warmth isn’t the only factor that matters when picking out autumn wear, comfort is key as well. In this guide, we walk you through the three major fabric types, as well as the intricacies of their individual variants.


One of the most popular materials for all forms of clothing, cotton is a top tier choice regardless of weather. While variants such as seersuckers are great for warmer weather, there are other heavier variants of this material that suit the lower temperatures of the later months of the year. Remember what we said previously, long-sleeves and turtlenecks are great for keeping you warm.

Melange is a colorful mix of two differently hued cottons in a single weave, and looks fashionable, especially in mixtures of gray shades. Cord is something that has returned to prominence despite being introduced in the 1970s; well-known for its durability despite its softness, cord is an excellent choice for the autumn season. Do not discount mix of blends either, as a slight bit of enhancement using wool or polyester can help add to the heat insulation properties. Gabardine is one such option.


Characteristically stylish throughout the year, leather works particularly well for the cooler months of the year. Even if you aren’t a fashion nut, leather is particularly effective at keeping you temperate throughout autumn, not to mention the windbreaking properties. Just remember that leather needs to be cleaned by a specialist to keep it from cracking.


Commonly known as the king of clothing materials, wool finds use in every weather condition, and autumn is no different. Wool comes from animal fur, and is definitely the top-tier choice for heat isolation and wind-breaking. Wool is also known for its resistance to water, which is especially useful for the unpredictable autumn rain.

Wool from lambs are probably the most classic and common of the bunch, and the durable yet soft texture makes them great for nearly any occasion. A lambswool jumper is a great choice to begin layering upon. Mohair comes from certain species of goat, and is often the material of choice for winter coats. The gray color also remains fashionable throughout autumn and winter too, meaning you’ll settle two seasons worth of clothes with a single piece.

Other variants include the soft Merino, known for its light properties; the even finer Cashmere that finds excellent use as coats; Tweed as blazers; and Worsted, of suiting fame. You can’t go wrong with wool, as the slightly higher price is by all means worth it.

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