It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Staying stylish for the 2020 holiday season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Staying stylish for the 2020 holiday season

Christmas this year will be a bit different from normal with office parties and formal events not on the menu. So it’s set to be very much a smart casual or full casual affair with just a few twists on winter dress for a festive look.

Smart casual

A pair of relaxed chinos and an unbuttoned shirt is a great starting point for this look. If you usually wear lighter shades such as pale blue or white, try mixing it up with an Oxford shirt in an enduring shade such as bold red or deep green. Or if that feels a bit too brave, how about your usual pale shirt with a  sleek blazer? And to prevent looking too formal ditch the leather shoes and go for a pair of sneakers or canvas.

Full on casual

The holiday season lasts for a week and after the year we’ve had you’ll want to make the most of it and see as many people (virtually) as possible. But you won’t want to go all out every day and sometimes you’ll want to just throw a few things together. Just beware that the photos or videos will last for years to come so you don’t want to be caught in just your dressing gown and underwear or some gaudy Christmas jumper. Keep it timelessly stylish with jeans and a plain t-shirt or a tailored dress shirt. Think color combinations too. The classic dark pants with the contrasting light-colored tops are something we can all achieve with next to no effort. And if you want to throw in a bit of festive cheer, think Christmas colors for the top. Or you could go for Christmassy red or green chinos with a dark top although this is a bit riskier as it subverts the look.

Out and about

It’s important to look the part when you’re out and about doing Christmas shopping or taking a stroll in the park too. A wool overcoat is the perfect outer layer for style and warmth and you can’t beat chunky sweaters, denim, and leather boots for a suave sophistication. If the weather is mild, maybe a sports coat and a turtleneck will be more appropriate with a pair of fitted jeans. Out in the big wide world, it’s best to stick to traditional winter colors such as blues, browns, and blacks but you might want to play about with color by choosing a scarf or an undergarment that adds a splash of color. Just remember that less is more and don’t overdo it.

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