How Spezzato changed the style-game

How Spezzato changed the style-game

For a long time, monochromatic suits were the definition of sophistication when it comes to menswear. Recently, however, some new trends have completely changed style-game. One of the best examples of this is the Spezzato, the art of combining different-colour suits into a modern statement; and yes, this means you can wear two or more different suits and still be stylish.

Though not many years ago this practice would have appeared as a meagre attempt to call for attention, today it is one of the most popular styles around the big circles, so don’t be surprised if you see the greatest fashion referents pulling off a perfect Spezzato. This Italian trend has taken over the world for all the good reasons, and it appears as its here to stay.

The Spezzato technique

The tendency of matching different-colour suits has been around for some time, but it was only recently that the “Spezzato”-style took a stronger role in our dress code. As you may or may not know, the word”Spezzato” traduces to “broken”, and it comes from the unique way Italian men combine two (or more) different suit pieces into one perfectly matched composition. It is most common to see a dark blazer or sport coat with lighter coloured trousers, though it’s not rare to find the opposite combination.

Combining loose suit pieces is something appealing at first sight because it takes the monotony out of the daily styling routine, the possibility to add different shades, accessories, and materials are tempting to many, to say the least. Take this example: years ago, you would go for the classic navy or black suit, even if you didn’t like it, simply to show a decent look at a social event; now, you can turn to the Spezzato for a more unfettered style, from casual to sporty to formal, the trend adapts to fit the occasion, making evident why this technique has taken so much relevance in the recent years.

What are the rules now?

Spezzato has made its way to the top thanks to the wide range of possibilities it has to offer. In this new game, the rules are simple, make sure you maintain the fit and the quality of the pieces and take a quick look at the mirror, if the colors match, the look is complete. You can also top it all with a pair of mismatching shoes, a watch or even a tie, freedom is what makes this look, so feel free to experiment until you find your unique style, but try to keep it simple; elegance is never to spare.

There’s also a more classical approach to the Spezzato technique, that mixes colours but keeps materials and accessories more formal.

Follow these easy examples: You can find a navy blue sport coat matched with khaki trousers and topped with brown oxfords for a traditional approach. For a bolder Spezzato, you may want to change the khaki trousers for a pair of dark jeans. To get inspired about your unique style, feel free to get inspired in our style-section.

How to pull off your Spezzato

Our team has left many clients proud of their custom-tailored suits and we want to impress you too. If you are ready to get your long awaited Spezzato, we look forward to hearing from you!