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Guide to Dress Shirt Color and Pattern

A Man’s Guide to Dress Shirt Color and Pattern

It’s been said time and time again, but a dress shirt is a compulsory part of every man’s wardrobe. It gets you through your weekday sprints, and can even serve as a great base for casual wear for those late night dinners. Chances are you’ve already gotten to grips with finding a good dress shirt to wear, with the right materials and the perfect fit, but the point where many falter is color choice.

The classic white, navy blue and gray shirts are commonly recommended, but many follow through because it’s the norm, rather than because it’s what suits them best. With this guide, you’ll become a maestro with colors, and you’ll find the right dress shirt in no time.

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Solid Colors

When it comes to dress shirts, the first impressions are key, and that’s why color plays a huge role when it comes to dress shirt selection. Regardless of your position within a company, you always want to look professional, and that’s why overly bright colors are generally avoided. Nothing says unprofessional like an orange striped dress shirt during the weekly board meeting. We’ll always recommend a dress shirt of a solid color. Whether you’ve been in meetings, or even through watching TV series, you’ll already be familiar with the classic pure white and navy blue. These have been mainstays of every office since the early 2000s, and it has no sign of stopping soon.

When it comes to white, you can tell it has a history from the term ‘white collar’, which was used to describe men who worked more with their minds over their hands, which would avoid dirtying their white suits. Navy blue on the other hand, has the same bright shine that white provides, and is a common choice for the finance sector, with some companies only allowing blue uniforms.

With less stringent dress codes, you can always consider pink, gold, lavender purple, or any other colors that might suit you, so long as you don’t stand out too much.

Patterned shirts

If you’re looking to add some bite to your daily wear, patterns are always worth considering. For business affairs though, you might not want to go with leopard spots or polka dots. Instead, consider the tried and true stripes and checkered dress shirts.

When it comes to striped shirts, many find it easy to adjust to, seeing as striped ties are so common already. If you already have a striped tie, a nice tip is to find a shirt that has an inverted pattern and different sized stripes to your tie, leaving the nice slight contrast. We’d say that striped shirts definitely fit the description of being professional, so go wild. A rule of thumb is that slimmer stripes mean more formal shirts.

With checked shirts, they work great if you’re going for the summer look. These are an excellent choice for your weekend outings or suppers with your pals. With some nice choices available, you could even find checked shirts that work great during your workweek. Depending on your physical build, look into finding a pattern with corresponding sized checks. For thin men, smaller squares are the way to go, and vice versa.

For other patterns, feel free to try them out. Anything that isn’t too eye-catching will work great. So don’t worry too much. If you’re shopping for casual, then really, everything goes.

Parting Words

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Finally, if you want to get the right suit, remember that fit is still king. The right color will still look off if it slags on your shoulders. Luckily, you can always send shirts for altering, and that’s where we come in. We are Louis Collections, a tailor based in Bangkok, and with our generations of experience, we can help get you that elusive perfect fit. We even tailor-make shirts if you’re so inclined, so feel free to give us a call. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.