Get Ready for Fall

Get ready for the Fall: What you should wear to keep yourself warm (and stylish)

As September rolls in, autumn joins the fray with falling leaves and cool winds. While not as freezing cold as the winter, the fall season does demand a certain style of dressing to keep yourself warm. Not to worry, we’ve got a few tips to keep yourself comfortable, as well as a few tricks to make yourself fashionable throughout the months.

General rules

Autumn is known for its considerably cooler climate when compared to the prior season of summer. If you’ve been rocking light sleeveless clothes and shorts for the past three months, its time for a change. For most, the stereotypical fall wear involves brown cashmere coats, jumpers and windbreakers. All of these seek to achieve the singular goal of keeping you warm.


The trick to retain a sense of style is to layer things up. This even has the benefit of being adaptable. If you’re going to be working with physical exertion, you can easily take off some layers with no trouble whatsoever. The everlasting trends that never die are cashmere coats and bomber jackets, with the latter being extremely convenient to take off.

Scarves and Wraps

Scarves are always a good investment, as keeping your neck safe from the chilling gale will ensure that you keep warmth around the clock. Wraps are another option, with shawls and ponchos being extremely popular during the fall season. Despite being considered a traditional form of attire, these are still very popular options. If a jacket or coat feels like overkill, the alternative styles of ponchos and scarves are the way to go.


Hats are an accessory choice that works beautifully during the last two seasons of the year. There are a ton of available options, with fur hats, wool beanies and knit hats available to be chosen. When in doubt, just opt for anything that seems comfortable.

Long-sleeves and Turtlenecks

Long-sleeved clothing and turtlenecks are obvious choices as well, designed to keep your body warm, both keep your skin from getting into direct contact with the wind. These stand inn stark contrast to the wear commonly seen in the summer. Similarly, shorts are not an option, and anything that covers your legs all the way are the way to go. Jeans are excellent choice for both me and women, with leggings being a nice look for the latter.


Finally, boots are perfect for both autumn and winter, with lumberjack boots being the optimal choice for autumn walks, being both comfortable and fashionable at the same time. If the weather is conducive, you can eve try going with sneakers, sports shoes or really any closed-toe shoes. Just remember that autumn sometimes entails a damper climate, which means canvas shoes might not be an option.

Where to get the right clothes

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