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Formal wear for your meeting

Formal wear for your next big meeting

You’re ready. You’ve proofread all of your slides, you’ve committed all points to memory, and you’re ready to impress all the CEOs in the room when you step in. You wake up and you’re pumped. A short bath later, you look great, but then you open your wardrobe. Suddenly, the adrenaline fades as you realise you have no idea what to wear, or god forbid you don’t even have a suit to wear.

To avoid this, well, do your shopping beforehand, but also, read this guide. Boardrooms are a scary place, and it always helps to know that you have a professional air through your apparel. Saying that may make things sound simple, just wear a good suit and tie, right? Well, right you are, but there are still some aspects you should take into consideration.

Your get-up

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It really doesn’t matter if your workplace specifies ‘casual’ as the main daily dress code. You do not want to show up to a boardroom meeting in your sleepwear, so take some time to plan out your clothes for the day. You want to look sophisticated, and that means there is really only one choice, the suit. Nothing gives a better first impression than a good suit, and you’ll be sure to set the stage nicely.

To look your best in front of your boss or your clients, make yourself look sharp yet clean. You want a suit and tie, with polished shoes and neat hair. The look you should be looking for is ‘business formal’, so put on that suit jacket or blazer. Black or navy? We’re huge proponents of the classic black, as it seems to work best with the nicely lit boardrooms. You’ll take control of
the meeting with style.


It doesn’t matter how well dressed you are if it doesn’t fit. Proportions are everything regardless of your height. Key tips are to ensure your tie lies nicely above your waistline, and that your jacket and shirt play nicely with each other, especially your sleeves, make sure you’re showing a bit of cuff, but not too much. A good reference point is to be sure that your dress shirt’s cuffs don’t pass your thumb knuckles. By the way, white shirts are our recommendation.

Also, the jacket is extremely important. Some would say the shoulders are what makes the man, and you do not want sloppy shoulders. Check to see that your jacket sits nicely on your shoulder. A nice check is to move slowly towards the wall, shoulder first. The suit jacket should hit the wall first, followed by your shoulders.

Final words

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Now that you look the part, be sure to show that you’re as good as you look. Now that you look slick, you should feel a nice boost of confidence building up. So take a deep breath, walk straight in, and wow those clients with your enthusiasm and delivery.

Whether you’re looking for a new suit, or looking to get you existing one altered, why not come to us? We’re Louis Collections, founded since the 1980s in Bangkok, and we’ve got generations worth of experience in making suits that ooze personality. With our help, you’ll be the best looking pro in all boardroom meetings. If you’re in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by, we’d be glad to show you around.

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