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Finding the Perfect Summer Casual Shirt

Finding the Perfect Summer Men’s Casual Shirt

We all know that at work, we as men need to look our best. It doesn’t really matter whether we’re meeting a prospective client, or whether we’re going for a company dinner; we always need to dress sharply to impress. Yet, when it comes to times out of work, some of us might find the need to dress nicely even during our casual moments with friends and family.

Nothing really compares to summer time. This time of year, everyone looks laid back, yet to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to get some shirts that really push the envelope, and sadly, this means your singlet and shorts won’t cut it. We’re here to help you look amazing, no matter the occasion.

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The secret

a dress shirt. We hear your collective sighs, and we feel you. Wearing dress shirts 24/7 during the 9 to 5 crawl every weekday really dulls the senses, but to be completely frank, it’s the best way of looking fine every summer. When it all comes down to it, dress shirts look great, so it’s the number one choice when you want to look your best.

When picking a dress shirt, throw out all the rules you know. While you should always get a perfect fit, you definitely don’t need a tie to make yourself look good. Keep things simple, even a nice dress shirt with a contrasting pair of shorts can look good.

For materials, cotton or wool is a definite choice, giving good temperature circulation, which is a must under the hot summer sun.

If you’re feeling adventurous, seersuckers offer even better temperature regulation with its unique surface, though it may look a bit old-school for your tastes.

Not feeling semi-formal? Many will advocate the use of a nice basic T-shirt, but we’d still recommend the use of an overlaid hoodie.

A lightweight hoodie can help give that edge of style, while still keeping your cool both literally, and figuratively. Color-wise, go for anything simple, even patterns. As you’ll be in natural sunlight most of the time, bright colors work great, though we tend to prefer non-overly saturated colors.

The lower body

With the upper body settled, let’s move on. The obvious choice would be shorts. These work well with hoodies and T-shirts, though just about anything goes. Whether patterned or chinos, you can make it work with just about anything. We’d avoid shorts which stretch to below your kneecaps, and naturally, avoid anything too short.

Not a fan of shorts? Jeans are always a good choice. Though almost anything goes, we’d always look for jeans with a good fit. The right size will avoid bagginess. If at all possible, avoid doing the classic college trick of rolling up your overly long jeans. Some quick alterations will help with that.

Shoe-wise, you’ve got a million options to choose from, and the good news is it can all work.

We’re a big fan of sneakers, though running shoes are always a popular option. We’d say, go for comfort over style here. So long as you’re not using overly bright colors, you should be fine no matter what you wear.

Parting words

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When it comes to finding the best summer shirt, the best trick is definitely to find a good fit. This means alterations when necessary, or even potentially having a shirt tailor-made to suit your needs. That’s where we can help. We are Louis Collections, a Bangkok-based tailor that has 2 generations of experience in men’s fashion, and we are ready to help you make your dream shirt a reality. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop on by, and we’ll give you a quick introduction to our services.