Fashion trends that faded away, but deserve a revival

Over the years, it’s quite inevitable that fashion styles will change. There once were trends that deserved to end, sooner rather than later, and then there were other glamorous ones that we can never forget. 
Fashion trends and statements shape the culture of the decade. If you ask us, some of the bold, iconic statements should have a chance of coming back to reshape the fashion culture once again, but we can only hope.

In these next few sections, we will discuss some of the trends that we think deserve a quick revival. Read on.

1- Miniskirts

Miniskirts were first introduced to the world in the 1960s. The fashion trend was a game-changer. Soon after its invention, ladies from all over the world rocked the trend. Miniskirts were on and off, and each time they come back, they come back shocking us all over again. Some people have complained about the fact that they are not practical and that you can’t wear them at any time. Well, it’s true. However, they rock with different styles and have different looks that can match with almost anything.

2- All-denim

Honestly speaking, the world needs a little bit of denim every now and then. And we are so glad that denim outfits started pushing their way back into the fashion world. However, the all-denim fashion trend doesn’t seem to have returned in full force. We’re talking about denim dresses and suits. In the 90s, the all-denim style was one of the styles that pop stars rocked either casually or on red carpets. The cropped denim jackets started to come back, with a modern touch. And hopefully, denim suits will have their revival as well. The style is perfect for custom-tailoring. You can get a piece of denim cloth and have your favourite outfit designed.

3- All-leather

When you wanted to define edgy, stylish and unique, leather outfits never disappointed. We all know that leather jackets were iconic in the 50s. From the edgy concept that was introduced in this era, leather pants, boots and dresses were made. The all-leather is a fashion trend that always finds its way back to the fashion world, and makes a bigger statement with each revival. With the beginning of a new decade, it would be nice to experience newer styles of all-leather trends.

4- Bourgeois styles

This french trend has revolutionised the fashion culture in the 70s. This style was known for its flaring knee-length skirts, blouses and boots. The fashion trend has come and gone, leaving its iconic mark on the fashion world. Until the start of 2019, which is the year of reviving many things, including this amazing style. Some big names in fashion, such as Gucci and Givenchy started making clothes and outfits that take after the Bourgeois dressing. This time, we can see entire suits and dresses, instead of only skirts or scarves. However, we can this trend only in outfits that are specially designed for celebrities. It would be nice to have this iconic fashion trend hitting the stores once again.

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