Fashion for all; how the suit conquered the world

The suit is probably the most important and universally recognizable outfit in existence in men’s fashion. It transcends class, wealth, and culture and is commonly seen in all corners of the world. But how did this simple outfit conquer the world? That is what today’s article will be focusing on. Read on.

The rise to prominence

The men’s suit came to prominence in the royal courts of Europe during medieval times. It was a time when, unlike many parts of the world, Europe was rich in resources and wealth. As has always been the way, fashion became an important status symbol and for centuries the jacket and pants combination, in various guises, was a popular and desirable look. And as Europeans set out to discover unknown lands, so the suit went with them to the new world. Europe was the height of culture and as such was progressive and forward-thinking. So, men’s and women’s fashion was constantly changing and evolving, but what didn’t change was the demand to keep up with fashion, not just in clothing but in all aspects of life. For the elite, status was everything. And a man’s suit was his outward demonstration of class, wealth, and social standing. Before long there were famous designers who would influence fashion and whose new take on the suit would set the tone for just what was in vogue in men’s formal wear.

Taking it to the next level

The industrial revolution was spearheaded by Europeans and led to huge strides in the manufacturing industry. Not just in the speed and quantity, they could be produced but also in the way they could be transported. This revolution impacted fashion in two major ways. Firstly some of the middle classes became very rich indeed; a newfound wealth which they were keen to show off, and one way to do this was through fashion. Suddenly the demand for suits grew. So it could be argued that one of the biggest drivers in the rise of the suit was simply that it was at the right time at the right place. But, more than that, the industrial revolution made the production of clothes much more profitable which set the wheels in motion for what would eventually become the opportunity to bring fashion to the masses. As the years went on and fashion became the domain of the many, so the appreciation of a well-tailored suit that cost a reasonable sum of money grew. The suit was now firmly established as the premier item in men’s fashion.

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