Fabric patterns and how to rock them with style

Often when men buy clothes, they keep it simple with solid colors. This is not a bad idea when you think that mixing and matching solid colors is far easier to get wrong than trying to mix and match colors. The problem with this buying strategy is that you miss out on a world of great designs that you could be rocking with style and panache. So here we look at how to wear some of the most popular patterns in men’s fashion while keeping on-trend.


A classic for business attire but often eschewed by the less confident. The continuous flow of pinstripes elongates your silhouette and helps draw attention away from the midsection. Not great if you’re tall and lanky but for most men, this is a strong, powerful look. Just be aware that you must wear this with confidence so if this is you first foray into patterned fabric maybe give this one a miss.


Crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands, often of multiple colors. Predominantly seen in flannel and casual button-down shirts, but sometimes seen on a plaid suit. The flannel shirt is a classic and common look which, paired with jeans or chinos, is hard to get wrong. As a business suit, like the pinstripe, it’s a bold statement and demands self-confidence in the wearer but, worn correctly, exudes authority and commands respect.


On-trend at present, the houndstooth pattern is made up of broken/uneven pointed checks (hence the name). Traditionally black and white and used mainly for sports jackets or coats, it’s increasingly popular in a variety of colors and used in pants. But it’s either pants or a jacket – don’t try both, and don’t try mixing houndstooth with other patterns.

Glen Check

Also known as glen plaid or Prince of Wales check this pattern consists of closely spaced lines which criss-cross. Common in suits, as one of the more conservative patterns, this is ideal for anyone just dabbling in using patterns in their business attire.


A checkerboard pattern very popular in summer. It uses pretty much any color against a white background and is another one that is very difficult to get wrong. A gingham shirt with a pair of jeans or solid color shorts is guaranteed to look stylish without making you stand out. This is an easy way to level-up your casual summer style.

Patterns can be quite intimidating for many men, and rightly so. After all, it’s better to just fit in than it is to stand out by getting it wrong. But pattered clothing is becoming far more popular in men’s fashion and these days you can’t walk down a city street, take a seat in a restaurant or enjoy a day at the races without seeing men sporting patterns.

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