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Dressing For Work During Summer

The summer sun is unforgivably hot, and that means that looking professional can justifiably take a backseat when it comes to comfort. If you’re fortunate enough to work with a company that has a lax dress code during the warmer months, you’re in luck. We’re here to offer a few quick suggestions to help you dress for work, while still helping you combat the extreme heat.

We’ll be focusing on the possible types of outfits that could work. Just as general rules, always go for a piece of apparel of the best fit, and also take into account comfort. These outfits aren’t just meant for the office, you could pull them off reasonably well for your weekend excursions too, so comfort is definitely up there with things to look out for.


For the hot summer sun, three fabrics are king, wool, cotton and seersuckers. Blends and linen sacrifice softness and heat regulation, which is definitely important for the warmer months of the year. Let’s talk about the odd one out here. Seersuckers are characterised by their unique texture, with alternating creases and troughs. This does mean that it might look a tad bit old-school for your tastes, but just remember that this fabric is the best at keeping you cool.

Now, for wool and cotton, these are the top choice for suits, and they are still top tier for summer outfits. Whether T-shirts or dress shirts, blazers or jackets, you can be sure that these offer the best in comfort and coolness.

Other options worth considering? So long as it’s comfortable, go right ahead. Denim and linen are definitely options. Though we would always recommend trying things out to ensure they actually work. Depending on your country’s weather, your millage may vary.


Nothing helps keep you cool like short sleeves. However, this may not always be acceptable in your workplace, so ask around. For some businesses, T-shirts may work, though short sleeved dress shirts are always something to consider. Even if you need to suit up with a jacket, having one less layer to worry about can help fight off the warmth.


Speaking off jackets, consider a sports jacket. These are somewhat more casual than blazers and suit jackets, but the main attraction here is the temperature control offered by these softer fabrics. Cotton jackets are the best, and it manages to pull through the entire workday without getting roughed up. As an extra perk, you can even use these for dinners throughout the year.

Color and Patterns

Since you’re going full casual, anything goes. Physics does show that white is the best heat reflecting color though, which means that white or lighter shades of gray will work nicely to help fend off the heat. Naturally, this means that you can find success with any lighter colors. As per usual, you should always try to get something that works well with your skin complexion. Casual doesn’t mean throwing off your whole look.

Final Words

Finally, we’d like to reiterate the key aspect to focus on, the fit. It doesn’t matter how good you manage to make yourself look if your clothes are too loose and baggy. That’s where we come in. We, at Louis Collections, are based in Bangkok, and have been making tailor-made pieces of apparel for multiple generations. Whether you’re looking for a good suit, or a simple

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