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Dressing For Work During Summer

When the summer comes, we all know that the heat wave follows. It’s this time of year where we all just want to throw out the rules of office attire, and break the dress code we all know well. Luckily, many companies loosen the dress code during the summer period, meaning that we can all flex our fashion muscles and dress however we want, within reason of course. There is, however, a fine line to dressing well, and looking like you’ve wandered your way to the office when you were actually going to the beach.

Previously, we’ve covered the basics of choosing the right materials and colors for the job. This time, we’ll be guiding you through the process of mixing and matching your wardrobe. With any luck, you’ll be looking professional, yet with that slight edge of casualness that really hits home the fact that its summertime.

A Quick Recap

In general, we’ll be looking at outfits that match the following criteria, the hot sun basically begs for breathable fabrics and light colors, while also pulling off that semi-formal semi-casual look that everyone loves. Finally, a quick warning, remember to follow your dress code, as your millage may vary.

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The classic dark suit and lighter colored shirt can always work. You can always play with contrasts by having a patterned shirt beneath the plain solid suit. For better heat control, gray suits work marvelously, and they even allow you to match your personal skin complexion, while still adding in that casual touch. Something else worth considering is the fact that the hot sun works great with black suits, as they look amazing underneath the natural sunlight.

Wanting to go casual? Go with a plain shirt, layered with a black blazer or sports coat. With trousers, you manage to pull off a good semi-formal impression. For more lax dress codes, you can opt for jeans too. A tie can help raise or lower the formal factor as needed, so experiment away.

Something else to remember, always have your clothing pressed and ironed. Nothing breaks being well dressed like rough clothing. Sports coats are excellent for getting around this problem. You don’t even need to use a specialised hanger to help it maintain its shape.

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Look to achieve what you’re going for. Everything from khakis all the way to suit trousers, you can always get a great look going. Pattern wise, we’d recommend solids all the way, though you can always work with brighter colors during the summer. Light yellow finds some success, and it works beautifully under the hot summer sun. If your company allows it, jeans of the non-ripped variety are always an option.

For shoes, reference what look you’re going for. For the formal look, polished shoes with a shine are perfect, with black being the preferred color. Due to the casual edge this time of year, you can even go with loafers and leather shoes depending on your other clothing choices. If you feel comfortable, anything works.

Final words

We’ve said this earlier, but getting good quality clothing that fits you nicely is extremely important. That’s where we can help. We, at Louis Collections, are based in Bangkok, and have decades of experience in making tailor-made and bespoke workwear for every kind of function. If you’re interested, give us a call and we’ll show you all you need to know about us. We’ve never had an unsatisfied customer, and we’ll do our best to give you the best experience possible.