Dress Shirts 101 – 6

Dress Shirts 101: From formal to casual, which dress shirt is right for the occasion? – Part 6

Dress shirts, dress shirts. We’ve gone through so much that you’re practically an expert at this point. It definitely pays off to be extremely picky with dress shirts, as a good dress shirt can last you a long time.

And speaking about a long time, we’ve worked through all the details you need to look out for during picking out dress shirts, and most likely, you’re already a proud owner of a brand new dress shirt. Now, we’ve come to the end of this long guide, and we’re going off with a bang. This time, we’re covering how to mix and match your wardrobe to fit any situation. Similarly to prior pieces, we will be focusing on the latest trends in both casual and formal styles.

Casual Styles

Let’s start with the obvious combo of an untucked dress shirt and jeans. Add on a nice pair of loafers and you’re golden. Everything works here, from the most basic solid white to patterns like stripes and checks. Jeans are simple enough too, get a classic colour with light tone such as grey and blue, and find the best fit for your body shape. For those who dislike jeans, chinos work well too.

Want to take things further? Why not add on something like a sports jacket or blazer? A solid dark tone is a good investment, working out in nearly every combination. Risks could get you a more unique look that lets you stand out, try patterns or prints for added suave. If you don’t mind the heat, why not opt for an overcoat or leather jacket? With such a wide range of expression available, you can’t really go wrong.

The secret here? Leave the shirt untucked, leave out socks; really do anything that strays from the formal norm. These minor actions will add to your relaxed look. And finally, be confident! Just remember, when in doubt, keep things simple. If you’re not sure what colour suits you best, go with the solids and typical hues, you’re the main attraction after all.

Formal Styles

Dress shirts have always been inherently formal. The classic business colours of white and navy blue are natural choices, and pairing them up with a pair of black or blue trousers will be good enough to appease the bosses. If you’re playing things safe, then the ties are where the magic happens. Go for a contrasting colour that catches the eye like red, and if possible, get a nice simple pattern to spice things up. You’ll also want a belt to emphasize your upper and lower body separation.

The pinnacle of business attire has always been a full suit, yet that isn’t always necessary. Try out some form fitting blazers and sports jackets. If you choose something basic and black, you’ll look perfect for the office. If you want our suggestions, grey is the new black, and playing with the hues can really get you places.

Things to always remember here are to keep things pressed and ironed. The formal look is all about perfecting the details, so go the extra mile.


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