Dress Shirts 101 – 3

Dress Shirts 101: From formal to casual, which dress shirt is right for the occasion? – Part 3

In today’s modern era, dress shirts are a must own for basically everyone. Whether for work or play, the dress shirt has a role in radiating style and substance. If you still aren’t convinced by how versatile a good dress shirt can be, consider the number of outfit styles that incorporate dress shirts beautifully. From the gentlemanly suit down to the casual shirt and jeans, you’d struggle to pull these off without a dress shirt.

Hence, we’d argue that finding the right dress shirt is mandatory. It’s never as easy as simply walking into your local department store and choosing one you like. We’ve covered a few points in our past articles, but this shirt guide will focus the details based on your body type.

The styles

We’ve covered the importance of fit, but never lose sight of the ideal dress shirt style. When picking the fit, consider that there are styles ranging from the classic to the more modern slim fits. The classic fit offers a loose, more comfortable feel. Even with a blazer or sport’s jacket, the classic fit works well. For men with a bit of gut, this is the type to go for.

The slim fit, on the other hand, offers the best for, you guessed it, slim men. These shirts were created in a more recent time, where it became common to wear dress shirts without an overlaid jacket. This style accentuates your figure, flattering your body shape when well-tailored. To achieve this effect, extra materials are avoided, which does have a side effect of restricting your movement somewhat. For the best effect, opt for alterations or made to measure dress shirts.

Modern dress shirts fall neatly between these two extremes, giving the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and fit. If you’re after the best option in terms of usability, modern cuts can work in any situation, with or without a jacket. With a wide range of expression possible, you’ll be able to wear this with confidence.


Pockets aren’t compulsory on dress shirts. Being completely optional, you might want to think about where these shirts will be appearing. Shirts without pockets tend to look the most professional, as gentlemen in the olden days would always have a jacket. Two pockets, like military shirts, will give off a more casual vibe.

Collars are always visible, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular is the spread collar, which works well in just about everything. Casual or formal, with or without a tie; you name it, and it does it. Other alternatives include a button-down collar, a classic look that was designed to work best without ties; perhaps you’re after the tuxedo look, then the evening collar is what you’re looking for, designed to be easily detachable.

Accessories should be mentioned here. In terms of pockets, should you decide formalities are in order, you might want to consider pocket squares. While commonly associated with suits, you can still find success using a bit of contrast to stand out more. Also, why not opt for collar pins or bowties? These work great with the more casual collar styles, like the classic and club collars, which are popular for nailing that semi-formal look.

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