Dress Shirts 101 – 2

Dress Shirts 101: From formal to casual, which dress shirt is right for the occasion? – Part 2

The humble dress shirt has been around for centuries, and it’ still holding strong even in today’s modern environment. The simple act of dressing up is now arguably an art form, and choosing the right dress shirt for the occasion can make all the difference.

This time, let’s take things in a more practical direction. We’ll be walking you through some tips that’ll make you look amazing no matter where you are. Whether you’re heading out for a date night, or even prepping for a company presentation, we’ve got your back.

Casual Style

When it comes to casual dressing, style is the name of the game. It pays off to focus even more on nailing every single detail. To do this, start by understanding where you’re headed. Different colors suit different times of day. Black works best under bright indoor lighting, and conversely, white works best in the evening light. Everything else follows a similar rule; bright colors for dim lighting, and darker shades for the sunlit hours. The hue is up to you, just keep your skin shade in mind.

Even then, it’s not just about picking your favourite color. Take into account every piece of apparel you’re wearing. Donning those denim jeans for the night? Go for something brighter, or go for a pattern. Opting for a semi-formal look with a black blazer and suit trousers? Keep things simple with a solid, neutral coloured dress shirt, we’re suckers for the classic white. Knowing your likes are part of nailing that causal look. After all, you’re looking to express yourself.

If nothing else, be absolutely certain that what you have is comfortable. Nothing ruins a night of partying like am overly tight dress shirt. Also, we can’t stress this enough, but know your audience. Standing out doesn’t mean looking like a fish out of water You don’t want to be the guy who showed up in bright yellow for his first date, or the person who looked like he just got off work during a family gathering. Chose the right dress shirt for the job, and you’ll be fine.

Formal Style

Now let’s turn things right around. What about the formal scene? Well, the same general rules apply, just be sure to work with restraint. Most office dress codes operate similarly, requiring long sleeved dress shirts, potentially with a layered blazer or sports coat. While your daily workwear may be lenient, the true test comes when you need to gear up for a boardroom meeting, or a company dinner.

In these cases, you need to look your best, and that means showing the best in you. If nothing else, you should nail the fit down perfectly. A tailor is your best friend in this regard, offering you the chance to modify store-bought shirts to fit you even better. If you can’t settle for less than perfection, that means you’re after tailor-made dress shirts, designed from scratch to be uniquely yours.

Finally, we’re repeating ourselves, but focus on comfort. You don’t want to be uncomfortable at work, and also know your audience. If the situation calls for professional, then go for a solid white, no patterns required. Casual Friday? Why not try out some patterns or prints? Stripes are a popular choice, leaning towards formal more so than checks.

Need a tailor?

Come to us at Louis Collections in Bangkok. We have decades of experience in dress shirts, and we’re here for all your affordable tailoring needs. Whether you need some simple modifications done, or if you need a full suit set, we can handle it. Feel free to drop on by if you find something you like, we’re sure that we can work things out.