men sitting and posing for a grey suit

Do you really need a bespoke suit?

Yes! You do need a bespoke suit. That’s it. No more to say about that. Shortest article ever written!
Okay, it’s not that simple. Let’s give you a few hints and inspirations on why it is important to own at least one bespoke suit.

Why you need at least one bespoke suit in your life

Having a tailormade suit made for yourself, when you need to look your finest is great. You’d immediately look more dapper in one, and you instantly regain a new sense of confidence and self-esteem. Compared to the off-the-rack option you’re left with, if not opting for a bespoke suit, you’ll feel more eyes resting on you, for all the wrong reasons. Chances of finding an off the rack suit that fits perfectly from top till toe is practically next to none. That is, unless you have an athletic body type, fitting to the expectations in the fashion world. Chances are that you don’t meet that expectation. We don’t either. That’s why we need a bespoke suit in our lifes.

How to get your hands on a bespoke suit

To get a good fitting suit, you should consult us. Period. With a tailor in hand with years of experience, guiding you on the latest style trends and ensuring a perfect fit, you can’t go wrong.

Nothing beats a hand-crafted suit that is made to your unique body measurements, size and style preferences. Don’t believe us? Take a quick tour on Google and you’ll be met with countless of articles advertising either the same message that we preach here, or a lot of reviews and content about what other people have experienced when trying to save money on their suits by going the off-the-rack route.

An off-the-rack suit may be altered to your size, but there will always be certain parts that is lacking, often adjusting and accounting only for length, while “making do” with the torso.

Now that you hopefully agree on the importance of a well tailored suit, let’s move on to other issues preventing you from looking like that well dressed colleague in your office – taking all the attention and credits for himself.

We keep hearing “Off-the-rack suits are cheaper and time is just not a luxury I have”. Yes, to be honest, having a bespoke suit made comes with a cost. Or so you think.
Fact is, that if you’re opting for a bespoke suit from Louis Collections, you’ll be surprised of how little you actually have to spend for a bespoke suit.

In the age of online shopping, we can even ship it directly to your door-step, whereas before you had to travel to us. If you’re not too happy about online ordering, as you may think that the fit is not guaranteed, or you might take the wrong measurements – there’s always the option of getting in touch with us, so we can come to a city near you – to measure you personally.

To know more about our upcoming trips, please get in touch with us via this link:

That being said, please feel free to get in touch with us, if you feel in need of style inspiration – before, during and after your order or anything style-related and we’ll make sure to be assisting you in a heartbeat. With Louis Collections as your tailor, you’ll never be short of options to choose from.