Different suit colors and when to wear them

Suits come in all colors and it can be difficult to know which one to wear for which occasion. In this article, we look at some of the colors available and give you some advice to help you get it right;


If you only own one suit it should be navy. This is the classic and if you don’t often wear a suit or just want to fit in you can’t go wrong with navy. A smart, tailored navy suit shows you take pride in your appearance and style but it won’t make a statement. Suitable for business attire or for weddings, Christenings, etc it commands respect.

All stores specializing in men’s suits will carry a navy-colored one.


Just as versatile as navy. Another staple of men’s suiting, it can be paired with pretty much any other color of tie and accessories and allows you to be a little more adventurous with color than the navy suit does. Just be careful not to overdo it. A tie that is too bold or busy will be off the mark. This is an understated garment that should be respected.

Medium Gray

Lighter than the charcoal and although it’s suitable for most occasions it is a little less formal. A lighter gray suit in a lighter material will be a good addition to any wardrobe and offers a good choice for spring and summer events.


Of limited value as it will clash with most other colors but still a useful addition. The black suit looks better on those with darker skin tones and, if you have fair skin, you should avoid a black suit for pretty much any occasion. It’s most at home for a funeral. Do not confuse a black suit with a tuxedo. The tuxedo should be black but is a style of its own.

Dark Brown

A dark brown suit works for a man who has dark hair and a dark complexion.  It can also suit some blonds, redheads, and men with ruddy complexions. It can add a little color and variety to your wardrobe. It’s not a formal suit and will be frowned upon if worn to a wedding or funeral. A great look for fall and can be paired with earthy, natural colors for a smart casual look.


Another informal choice for smart-casual occasions. Tan is more suitable for summer occasions and looks just as good with an open neck as it does with a shirt and tie. It can be dressed down by wearing it with a white t-shirt or pastel colors.


Another summer suit but one which makes a statement and should only be worn if you want to stand out. It should be worn with a white t-shirt and all accessories should complement each other and the suit. Often tan shoes, belts, and accessories will work with pastels. Be careful not to mix pastels and end up looking confused. Remember, less is more.

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