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Differences of MTM and Designer suits

The difference between made to measure and designer suits – a hands on guide

In the modern era, buying a nice suit really isn’t hard. Stroll down the apparel aisle of your local supermarket, and chances are you’ll find racks of branded designer suits. If you’re looking for something that’s unique and comes with great quality instead, you need a custom tailored suit. Hold your horses though, there is an alternative.

Case in point, made to measure suits, or commonly referred to as MTM. These suits are the excellent middle ground between off-the-shelf solutions and bespoke suits. What exactly are they? MTM suits are suits that are available in most stores, just like designer suits. Yet, these suits aren’t immediately yours after making the purchase. Once you find something you like, the salesperson will take your measurements, and in a few days, you have a suit that fits you decently.

Sounds like a great choice, right? You get the fit of a custom-tailored suit, while matching the convenience of the designer suits you see on the racks. Well, here’s a hands on guide that will help you make up your mind.

Designer suits

made to measure suits

Off the shelf solutions for your wardrobe have a negative connotation to them, but we’d argue that they’re always worth consideration. Drawbacks are pretty well known, being mass produced, these suits are made to fit a majority, but no one in particular. Expect to find issues with the chest, shoulder, sleeve length and waist. Nevertheless, these are nothing that can’t be solved with a trip to the tailor.

People tend to miss the relative convenience of designer suits. If you find something you like, and it just happens to fit nicely, you can just pay and it’s yours. Quality may be a concern, but a well-made designer suit will have the same fabrics used as bespoke suits, so if it feels good, don’t let it concern you. Finally, never forget that due to mass production, these suits are also much more affordable than your other options. If it feels right, just go for it!

Made to Measure

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When it comes to suits made to measure, you’ll be taking measurements once you find the suit you like, and you can even make certain minor design choices, like the choice of fabric, buttons and linings. Once your measurements are taken, they get sent to the factory, and you’ll have your suit after a week or so, designed to fit you as close as the measurements allow. Sounds great right? Fast and fitting.

Well, there’s always a catch. Bear in mind that MTM suits are cut from templates, rather than being sewn from scratch. This means certain aspects, like your back in particular, are out of the scope covered by MTM suits. You’ll need to get a bespoke suit for that. Also, sleeves and your posture may be left out of the equation too. Having MTM suits altered may also defeat the point, as a good designer suit can be altered without much difference. Naturally, MTM suits come with choice, allowing you to follow the newest trends as you see fit.

Hopefully we’ve given you something to think about when getting your new suit. Something remains true regardless though, a tailor can help make any suit yours. Whether you’re looking to get your suits altered by a professional tailor, or whether you want a suit made to fit you like a glove, you can come to us, Louis Collections, based in Bangkok. We’ve got over 30 years of experience, and are commonly regarded as the best in the business. Feel free to drop by!