How to make sure your tailored suit last

A good suit is an investment, and if cared for properly, it can last for years. There are a number of different tips and tricks that can be employed to ensure that suits look sharp for longer and although they involve more effort, the results definitely pay off.

Take it to a professional dry cleaner

Although this is significantly more expensive than dry-cleaning a suit at home, it helps to maintain the quality of the fabric for much longer. Dry cleaners have the correct tools to clean suits without compromising the quality of the material and can steam and press them ready to wear again. A well-made suit doesn’t have to be constantly washed, it should last a few wears before it needs to be cleaned, provided it does not get dirty. A simple clothing brush is often enough to get rid of any surface dirt, dust or hair, to keep it fresh in between professional cleanings.
Store it properly when not in use
Make sure that when it is not being worn, the suit is stored carefully. If it is in between uses, the suit should be left out to air, so that it doesn’t crease. If it is not in use, it’s always best to store suits in a protective garment bag, to prevent possible moth damage. Using a wooden coat hanger will also help to remove some of the moisture surrounding the suit, reducing the risk of mold or mildew.

Invest in a good tailor

A suit that is too small is going to strain each time it is worn and eventually, the seams will give out. Size and weight will fluctuate, but this doesn’t have to mean investing in a whole new suit. A good tailor can expertly let the seams out or in, creating the perfect fit without compromising the integrity of its structure or style. It’s always best to deal with alterations sooner rather than later before the suit rips beyond repair. Similarly, deal with any minor loose threads or tears before they become significant issues. Tailors can also be of help by subtly reinforcing areas that are prone to wear, preventing future deterioration.

Rotate different suits for daily wear

If suits are being worn constantly, it’s best to invest in a couple of different options, that can be rotated on a daily basis. Although suits are designed to be long-lasting, they’ll last even longer if they aren’t worn down through constant use, and have a chance to rest and return back to their original form. Where possible, it’s best to invest in a couple of suits to cycle through. This not only creates a more diverse wardrobe, but it also means that each suit will last a lot longer than it would if it was being worn every day. Although this can be an expensive pursuit, it definitely does pay off in the long run.

Ensuring that a suit lasts longer does require extra care and attention, but the result is always worth it. Quality garments that are professionally tailored and cleaned will look and feel newer for longer. The best care is always done by professionals, so it is always wise to invest in a reliable tailor and dry cleaner.
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